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Your Call September 18, 2007

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This week the Baptist Standard ran a good article on emphasizing calling in our churches entitled, “Hearing the Call.”  Here is the link http://www.baptiststandard.com/postnuke/index.php?module=htmlpages&func=display&pid=6817


The article focuses on hearing God’s vocational call into ministry.  Although few will be called and fewer still will follow the call into vocational ministry, God is calling all of us to serve the Kingdom of God in some way.  Sometimes this call lasts a lifetime, most of the time our call is for a time or for a season of life and will subsequently change over time.  Pray about God’s call on your life for this season of your life.  Take time this week to consider this and reflect upon this.  If you have felt God’s calling then reflect upon your faithfulness to that calling.  If you have not felt God’s calling or are unclear on that call (as most of us are most of the time) then spend time in silence, reflection, and meditation, considering your call.  May we be about the work of the work of God this week!


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3 Responses to “Your Call”

  1. Leah Says:

    Matt, you are such a pastor these days. It sounds like it is going well!

  2. Heather Says:

    Everytime I come in, I am challenged by your words!

    I love the idea in the article of calling it God’s dream for our lives. I am going to start using that with my kids–I think it will get their attention. It allows people to truly realize God’s perfect love for us, a love so deep and strong that He has DREAMS for our lives.

    Also, you have challenged us to find our calling or dream in His Kingdom. I think we get so set in our ways and comfortable–teaching a particular s/s class for so long–that we forget to truly seek what it is that God wants us doing. Not to make excuses, but I think it is hard in a small church especially, because there are so few workers doing many jobs. I think we need to remember to let God be in control and instead of jumping in to take on another task so fast, allow Him to work on calling others as well. We may get in the way of God’s dream for someone else! I know I will begin fervently seeking God’s dream for my life.

  3. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    Heather, thanks for the response. I think there is great wisdom in your words, specifically,

    “I think we need to remember to let God be in control and instead of jumpin in to take on another task so fast, allow Him to work on callig others as well. We may get in the way of God’s dream for someone else!”

    Beautifully written. You are right about small churches. There are fewer workers and everyone is spread pretty thin, this certainly is the case in Hubbard. The temptation then becomes that these few workers feel like they must do everything and for the Pastor (and youth minister) the temptation becomes to simply ask these same wonderful people over and over again. There is also the temptation for others in the church to always asusme the same people will take care of things.

    God is moving at all times in ways we can never fathom, understand, or expect. We should serve in those ways God leads us to serve, and not out of a sense of burden or feeling that if we don’t then no one will.

    Be encouraged Heather! We miss our neighbors!

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