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Indescribable September 19, 2007

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There are many things about a life spent following Christ that are hard to effectively communicate to one who doesn’t understand.  There is a truth and depth of experience for the Follower of Christ that metaphor, description, analogy, poetry, and prose simply can’t fully communicate. 

For instance, how do you describe God’s speaking to believers’?  We often claim God spoke to us, or that God led us, or that God is moving us.  How exactly does that work out?  For the modern mind (ok Seminarians, I understand we are in a post-modern world, but face facts, much of the population still operates in the modern mindset) how do you describe this? 

I’ve described it as a sense of peace or as an overwhelming sense of God’s presence and satisfaction.  I’ve told people, “That I just knew,” but I knew better.  I’ve failed to accurately articulate (or write) the dynamic experience of following God’s will and having God’s will revealed.   My personal thought is that we too often attempt to relegate what is a continual process of obedience, faithfulness, and relationship into a moment of time akin to Moses’ burning bush experience. 

Every once in a while though, inspiration comes and a collection of words communicates the deep and true. 

I was listening to the David Crowder Band this morning and in their song, “Here is the King” David Crowder sings these lyrics,

“And what was said to the rose
To make it unfold
Was said to me here in my chest”

 I don’t know how to accurately describe step by step how God speaks to me or to anyone else.  But I can say, the same beatific word that is spoken to the rose to make it unfold, that whispers to spring time to heal the ground, is also spoken to my soul.  And, for the follower of Christ, when that word is spoken, obedience comes as natural, beautiful, fragrant, and life giving as the unfolding of the rose or the emergence of spring. 

Listen for that word.  Allow your life in Christ to be unfolded like a rose and watch spring emerge all around you.


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