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Intentionality September 27, 2007

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In college I was blessed to be involved in Baylor’s Baptist Student Ministries (BSM which used to be called BSU).  Clif Mouser was our BSM director and I was also blessed to become good friends with Clif over my years in the BSM and he truly was a mentor of mine as I “cut my teeth” so to speak in ministry.     

One of the greatest things I learned from Clif and that he drilled into my brain was intentionality in ministry.  Most of my ministry in the BSM centered around small group Bible studies and developing personal relationships centered on discipleship.  As I struggled to develop these relationships and reach out to students on campus, Clif would ask me and my fellow BSMers over and over again, “Are you being intentional?”  We got sick of the question but mostly we got sick of our answer to the question. 

We all wanted community to run deep in our small groups and in our ministry.  We all wanted to develop bonds that held us together to thickly and solidly.  We truly wanted to intimately be involved in the lives of each other and to uphold one another and support one another and serve one another.  We wanted to reach out to the world and extend the Kingdom of God with each other. 

As Clif continually made us realize though, all to often we weren’t doing what it took to truly develop relationships within our community of believers.  We weren’t being intentional in spending time with one another and in talking about what God is doing in each other’s lives.  We were expecting God to work relational miracles without much work on our own part when truly, our own participation in the process was the miracle God might have been waiting to happen.  Through our hesitancy, our fear, and our own languor, our ministry suffered and truly the furthering of the Kingdom of God was delayed in part. 

Church, we have a wonderful spirit about us.  You all as individuals and as a church have been incredibly intentional in making Kelley and I feel a part of the family of Fellowship Baptist Church.  You have sent us cards of encouragement, called us, stopped by the house, had us into your homes, and taken us out to dinner.  In those times we have dreamed of our Church together, we have talked about what God is doing in each other’s lives, we have communed soul to soul.  As a result of these intentional times I believe people are going to be saved and the Kingdom of God is going to be extended. 

My question is this:  Is that same intentionality of service, love, and acceptance on behalf of our church and our Kingdom being shown to all we are in contact with?  New members of our Church?  Those who are visiting our Church each week?  Those God has placed in our path that are in need? 

Through your loving, intentional efforts I have been ministered to.  I have seen your spirit.  I have heard your desire to spread that spirit through our area.   I have heard your dreams of what God is doing and will do in and through our body of believers.  I encourage you to be intentional in spreading this contagious spirit of love and service.  Invest time and energy in each other, sharing what God is doing in your lives.  Invest time and energy into our new members and in our visitors and incorporate them into the body as you have Kelley and I.  Invest time and energy in those God has placed in your path.  Your intentional investment may be the miracle they are waiting for. 


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