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Mi Casa es…mi casa! October 11, 2007

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This is a picture of a house that sits at 119 E. Wildflower Blvd. in Marble Falls, TX.  On Monday afternoon at some point after 2:00 P.M. it will become the home of Matt, Kelley, and Max. 

 Just thought you might enjoy that. 


4 Responses to “Mi Casa es…mi casa!”

  1. Ken Hall Says:

    We love you new home. Aunt Linda and I are thrilled for you.

  2. Jerry Davis Says:

    “Ain’t you clever and multilingual too” but, “my house is my house”??? Am I missing something here? I would hope that Kelly will live there with you and Max.. Then I guess it would be HER house. Now I am confused. I am truly proud for you and Kelly. J

  3. Heather Says:

    How beautiful! I am so happy for you both! Is there room for the Morris & Gillham Crews to come visit? We really miss our neighbors. Jenna Lee still talks about “my Matt” and how you moved far away.

  4. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    Sure there is room for the Morris and Gillham families. We have two extra bedrooms so each family can have one and share the extra bathroom. That’ll work right?

    Seriously, if the Morris’s and Gillham’s came to visit we would go to great lengths to find room! It would be wonderful.

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