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A Good day October 23, 2007

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This past Sunday we baptized two people.  It was my first time to baptize someone.  It was a beautiful day.  Since we don’t have a baptistery we all go after church over to a couple’s house and perform the baptism in their pool.  Frankly, it was awesome.  It is personal.  It is meaningful.  It is Fellowship Baptist Church.  I love it. 

In getting ready for the Baptism I read up on how to do it and investigated the scriptures we base our ordinance on.  It encouraged me.  I’ve had lots of conversations over the past couple months concerning baptism from many different perspectives and angles and it was encouraging to study the scriptures and come through it as a baptist. 

 What a beautiful thing it is for someone to come to a saving relationship in Christ.  What a privelege to be a part of that process.  What a beautiful symbol baptism is of the death of our old life and the raising up of the new life of Christ within us. 


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