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Colbert for President? October 24, 2007


I found this quote extremely interesting/sad.  The quote is in reference to why Colbert Report (fake news show on Comedy Central) host Stephen Colbert has decided to run for President and why his facebook supporter group has 150000 more people that Barack Obama’s. 

The Newsweek interview focuses on the disillusionment with political figures.   

“We have more trust in comedians than we do in politicians. Because comedians have to find some kind of kernel of truth and poke fun at it. There’s a credibility–it seems insane to say–but there’s a credibility at this point in time that comedians have over politicians. Because we know that politicians have to do all kinds of nonsensical things to be reelected. We know it’s not our interests that they’re concerned with as much as it’s about them maintaining power or getting to some degree of power. ” 

Quote by Barry Levinson (Writer/Director of “Man of the Year” which is a comedy that came out last year with Robin Williams as a Colbert-like figure who ran for president and won)

 What do you think?  Are you disillusioned with our presidential candidates? Do any of them offer you hope of something different and better?  Do you feel that you have any feel for the “real” person of any of them as opposed to their candidate facade? 


One Response to “Colbert for President?”

  1. retro Says:

    Colbert for President! I love the guy and even though he’s wacky and wierd, he’d be better than any of the other candidates.

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