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Direction October 30, 2007

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Sometimes it is hard to move forward when you don’t know where you’re going.  If a destination, purpose, or goal, is too broad or general, it is hard to move forward with boldness. 

Fellowship Baptist Church has a much better defined aim this Tuesday morning than we had last Tuesday morning.  In what concluded a wonderful morning of worship, you as a family overwhelmingly approved for the building proposal the Facilities Committee put forward.  You also approved pursuing financing of, what I can now call, “our” building.  The long and short of it is this:  We now know what the first phase of our building is going to be, we have an affordable estimate of what it is going to cost, we have a time frame for when our building could be completed (Nov-Dec 2008), and we are moving forward.  As our facilities are concerned, we now have direction.  We now know where we are heading and can give and work and serve to get us there. 

As our church matures and grows, our direction and our purpose becomes clearer.  For almost two years you were looking for a pastor and were moving in that general direction.  For almost two years you were moving toward a building of unknown form, function, and cost.  We have always been moving and working to expand the Kingdom of God. 

God has brought you a pastor.  God has led the Facilities Committee and you to these plans for a building and the direction to get into it.  God is laying in our path the specific ways in which we are to affect the Kingdom of God; such as Meals on Wheels, helping the many people we have helped, and the meeting of needs we all are about every day in our lives. 

God is working in our midst.  Showers of blessing are raining down on us even as I write this morning.  He has granted us direction and vision.  It is time to move forward with assurance and boldness.  So let us put our full support behind our new building.  Let us give cheerfully and generously to make it a reality.  Let us be about the Kingdom work God has laid in our path. 

Just as it is hard to move forward effectively without clear direction and goals, if direction and goals are too narrowly defined it is easy to move forward with tunnel vision and not see the opportunities available along the journey. 

So as we move forward with new direction.  Let us remember that our new building is not an end goal, but a means to our overall goal of extending the Kingdom of God.  Let us be attentive to God’s voice in whispering to us those Kingdom efforts He has for us as a family of God.  Where is he leading us to reach our community?  What needs that surround us does He have for us to meet in His name?  Where are those places in the world He is sending us to work for Him? 

Let us be about Kingdom work today with our eyes on the horizon, scanning for what Kingdom work we may be about tomorrow. 


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