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Paul Potts November 25, 2007

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This is a clip from the BBC’s “Britain’s Got Talent” program.  It is the initial audition of a cell-phone salesman named Paul Potts. 

It very much affected me as I listened to it in my office early this morning and I shared about it in Church this morning.  Please watch this clip. 

The subject of my sermon this past week surround how we are fed by God.  It was the second of two sermons on John 6.  Last week I preached on the Feeding of the 5000 where Jesus provided physical bread for the hungry people and intentionally drew comparisons between himself and Moses.  Throughout the rest of the chapter Jesus reveals himself not only as a divine supplier of physical sustenance but as the Bread of Life, as spiritual bread that once eaten, will allow us to never grow hungry.  It is a beautiful chapter.  It reveals who Jesus is and what He is here to do and how we can be a part of it. 

In church we talk a lot about, “being fed.”  At times, we overemphasize “being fed” to the detriment of putting our faith in action.  But still, the importance of being fed remains.  One cannot put action to faith without being fed.  To be healthy physically healthy requires a balance of action, or exercise and eating.  It is much the same spiritually. 

But how exactly are we fed?  How do we tap into this source so that we will never go hungry?  How can we not only be fed, but find the satisfaction of this bread that lasts forever? 

We are fed by encounters and experiences with Christ.  We are fed when we worship, when we practice spiritual disciplines, we are fed through fellowship with one another, we are fed when we serve and live on mission. 

We are fed in the expected and sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.  I found myself fed by watching Paul Potts early Sunday morning.  A most unexpected of meals. 

So this week, be aware of both the expected and unexpected encounters and experiences with Christ.  Be aware of those times when you find yourselves fed.  Revel in the miracle that you are promised to never go hungry.  Put your faith into action.  All that feeding is not meant to get you fat.  We are perpetually fed so that we may also perpetually serve. 

Enjoy Paul Potts.


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