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Thought Provoking November 27, 2007

Filed under: Etc.,Life of Matt — furtherupfurtherin @ 6:18 pm

I spent this morning visiting a church member in the hospital.  On the way back to Marble Falls I stopped at a Barnes and Noble in Bee Caves. 

One table of books were labelled “Thought Provoking”

On this table were around 25-30 different books. 

  • A few were of cultural interest. 
  • 12 were about new or possible developments in some area of science
  • Six were books on economics
  • Seven had God as their subject.  All of these seven discussed the myth of God, atheism, the falsehood of deity. 

I find this…thought provoking. 


One Response to “Thought Provoking”

  1. simplyanother Says:

    I felt that way when I was at Barnes and Noble the other day… Too bad there weren’t any about Jesus being thought provoking…

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