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Thoughts on Advent… December 4, 2007

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This evening, as I pull into my drive way after a day of work, bright white lights that outline the edges and ridges of my roof-line will illuminate the path into the garage.  As I enter the house the rich aroma of a seven foot tall Noble Fir will fill my nostrils.  As I drive around town today I will be greeted with colorful lights and displays in front of homes and businesses and on street lights that aren’t usually there.  As I drive up and down HWY 281 and HWY 1431 I will see advertised special sales and greetings specifically for this time of year.  As I sit down in my office this morning and reflect upon the week ahead, I am reminded that we are in a season of waiting and preparing for the celebration of the Birth of our Savior, and so I reflect on what my Lord has done for me.  And so I wait for the celebration of Christmas morning and His imminent, sudden second coming.  And so I prepare to be about Kingdom work this week. 

The signs of the Christmas season are all around us.  As we rest at home, as we watch TV, as we drive around town, as we spend time with our God.  Embrace this time.  Don’t rush through it and allow the busyness of the happenings all around Christmas to sour your experience of this time: your waiting, your preparation, your eventual celebration of the Birth of Christ! 


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