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Falling Slowly…Continued January 14, 2008

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 I put this video from the movie Once up on the blog a couple of weeks ago. 

This movie moved me deeply.  I’ve listened to the soundtrack a lot over the past couple of weeks, watched this clip probably a dozen times, discussed the movie, and then watched the movie again, and it still stirs my soul. 

I can’t quite put my finger on why.  Maybe it is the way the two main characters come together for a time and better each others lives.  The way they find hope and determination and motivation in one another and yet still the story is not tied in a neat little bow but ends realistically. (just a short aside:  I love realistic story lines.  Escapism through film and other media is great, I love it.  But it really has osmosed itself into the mindset of our culture.  Too much escapism is not a good thing.  The fantasy threatens to become reality which in essence makes us all crazy)

Maybe somehow through the story and through the songs of the film the makers of Once  stumble into capturing on some deep level the beauty inherent in the song and dance of human relationship. 

In this youtube clip of the film, the male protagonist is opening himself up and singing to the female protaganist a song he has written which reveals the deep hurt and yet the deep hope that remains from a recent heartbreak.  As he plays tentaively she begins to play along and harmonize.  Comforting…they grow in relationship with one another in that moment.  As she plays along he plays more boldly as does she and trust is developed.  They move from exclusion to embrace.  It is musical love-making.

It is a picture of what human relationship should be.  An intimate sharing of the deep things of life.  Heartbreak, great hopes, loves, disappointments, joys.  And as we share with those that are truly friends or lovers or brothers and sisters in Christ, those that we share with harmonize along with us.  They learn to compliment, deepen, beautify, and enhance the song of our life and we in turn learn the harmony of their melody as well. 

Can you imagine a world of such relationships?  Can you imagine the symphony that would rise up amongst the songs that so often go unheard or are out of tune with no one to harmonize with?

Thanks for letting me sing a bit of my melody for you.

 “Falling Slowly, Sing Your melody, I’ll sing along.” 


2 Responses to “Falling Slowly…Continued”

  1. ashli Says:

    I recently watched this movie and fell in love with it, too. I ordered the soundtrack and have not listed to much else sense. It is a beautiful picture of friendship. What I loved besides what you wrote above about their relationship is that they both had significant others in their lives (even though the relationships were not in good places) and that they both seem to realize that the friendship / pull they felt towards each other would have been ruined and empty if they moved it to a physical level. I think that their friendship pushed them back to the people that they truly loved.

  2. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In the director’s commentary, of which I listened to only a small part, the director talked about how to portray such a relationship, that really was more than friendship but never resulted in more. IT was a relationship that drew each character (also I love that the characters remain nameless and therefore significantly more applicable) out of the funk in which they resided and into action and forward motion.

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