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Engage Conference Reflection I January 16, 2008

This is my newsletter article for the week.  Enjoy. 

Sunday was another wonderful morning of worship.  I was blessed both in preparation and delivery of the State of the Church address and I hope you all were as well.  Remembering God’s blessings is such an integral aspect of living our faith today and looking forward to what God has for us on our horizon. 


I am writing this article on Monday night from a motel room in Rockwall, TX.  I am spending today and Tuesday at the Engage Conference put on by the BGCT.  The conference is centered on evangelizing Texas and our world.   Ken and Marge Flowers are here as well. 

Today was an excellent day filled with challenging speakers and absorbing break out sessions.  One excellent small group session I attended was led by Ken and Marge’s son, Norman.  He discussed the ministry opportunities available through adopting the administrators, teachers, students, and parents, of a school.  It might be something we keep in mind.  How can we bless and minister to the people who work all week in the place we worship in on Sunday? 

Tonight my mind is filled with questions and ruminations concerning our Church’s role in evangelizing our community and our world.  Here are some questions that were asked of me today that are still stirring in my mind.  Maybe you will find them compelling as well. 


·        What impact is your church having on its community?

·        What is breaking the heart of God in your community?

·        Does your church exist for the sake of the church or for the sake of the community?

·        What would your community do without your church?

·        How compelling is your church in drawing the community to Christ?


I would be very interested over the coming days to hear some of your responses and reflections over these questions.  At the absolute least, we can all work to be more bold, more consistent, more intentional in sharing our faith and impacting our community for Christ. 

I challenge you, share your faith in some way with someone you encounter this week.  Ask to pray for someone you encounter.  Tell the gospel story.  Tell the story of how Christ has worked in your life.  Be a blessing. 

Check back here over the coming days for more reflections on Engage.


2 Responses to “Engage Conference Reflection I”

  1. Ferrell Says:

    This is what those who help put together such events long to hear — that the event is making a difference where it counts, in our churches. Great word.

  2. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    Ferrell, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am thankful for what you are doing on the Texas Baptists blog. I visit often and really appreciate the openness of communication it has afforded.

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