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For Your Enjoyment January 21, 2008

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I want to post something good today but I don’t have the energy.  Kelley and I spent the weekend back in Hubbard visiting with all our friends there and watching the kiddo’s play basketball.  It was wonderful but exhausting.  We are recovering this evening.

Here are two youtube clips I have come across that brought me great enjoyment.  I hope they do for you as well.

This first one is of this amazing wrestling move that was on Yahoo’s front page this afternoon.  Seriously impressive, although admittedly, I know little about wrestling.  There was a youtube clip of another kid doing this, although it wasn’t as cool.

 This one is a hilarious clip of Cheerleader bloopers.  Football certainly wouldn’t be the same without cheerleaders, so don’t get me wrong, I am Pro-Cheerleader, BUT, watching them and band members fall can be entertaining…Once you know they are ok of course.  Especially watch the fourth blooper of the clip and notice the awesome, fake smile hall-of-fame recovery of the girl on top of the formation. 


2 Responses to “For Your Enjoyment”

  1. kevintessa Says:

    Gosh, Matt, how cruel. Those people were probably really hurt and embarrassed and humiliated. You’re laughing at them?

    COMPLETELY KIDDING! I laughed half of my mascara off – and that’s saying a lot! Thanks for sharing the fun!


  2. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    There’s no doubt there’s a risk in posting this…but let’s be honest, it’s hilarious, and the fact that we all knew cheerleaders in our own high school who we would have loved to have seen this happen to just makes it that much funnier and honest.

    Hope to see you guys soon!

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