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BU Response January 24, 2008

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Anyone who blames any of the BU football, basketball or other athletic woes on the BU fans is a fool. 

I hear this argument often enough.  We lose because we don’t fill Floyd Casey or some other such nonsense.  It completely ignores the fact that our baseball team is a continual winner and places in the top 10 in the nation each year in attendance.  Our Lady Bears have been the toast of Waco and Baylordom for the past few years and have enjoyed tremendous support. 

Baylor fans will rally around even a slight taste and hope of winning and success as much as anyone other fan from any other university.  Perhaps more than most given our recent records in Basketball and football and the fact that most of us live surrounded by Aggies and Longhorns. 

We are thirsty and we are loving the live-giving drink we were given last night…My inbox has been full all day as has my voicemail with friends and family emailing and calling back and forth with new little tidbits and discussion from last nights unbelievable victory.  I thought I’d share some of the good stuff with you. 

This is a youtube clip my friend Andy sent me of the Bears reception late last night as they arrived back in Waco.

 This is a link to an ESPN.com article by Andy Katz on the game last night and its implications for Baylor. 

 Baylor loves a winner just like anyone else.  If you want to see what sort of support Baylordom will give a winner, show up to the Ferrell Center Saturday to see the Bears play OU.  I bet it will be quite an atmosphere. 


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