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The Britney Economy January 28, 2008

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I came across this article today about the economical impact of Britney Spears recent tailspin. 

Read the article.

Think about this fact from the article, real news publications are declining across the board, and celebrity gossip rags are growing steadily. 

Can you contemplate the societal implications of that one fact. 

Granted there other factors at work in both statistics, but it is still a staggering sadness to take in. 

Perhaps the saddest part is that I clicked on the headline, “A Britney Economy” instead of the headline, “5 Us Soldiers Die in N. Iraq” 

Why the fascination?  I mean, talk about a self-perpetuating industry.  The more pressure the media seems to put on the more she seems to self destruct (I’m not totally blaming this on the media frenzy, but it certainly has to be a determining factor) and the more she self-destructs the more the media scrutiny intensifies (and profits).  And you and I are the source of the profit.  We supply the great demand.

I think the reality of the situation warrants reflection at the very least. 

Now I’m going to add Britney Spears as a tag because I bet it will boost my hits considerably.  While I’m at it I may add TMZ, Perez Hilton as well. 


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