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New Baptist Covenant Info February 5, 2008

Filed under: Baptist Stuff — furtherupfurtherin @ 2:40 pm

I feel I may have missed the wave of blogging for the New Baptist Covenant.  Nonetheless, I want to write about a few of my impressions of what happened in Atlanta and about some of the things that might come out of the meeting in Atlanta. 

One post will follow today and at least two others will follow this week. 

For now, check out these two sites.  The first is a guy I met in Atlanta who is a student in Church-State studies at Baylor and who blogged the New Baptist Covenant.  I thought his observations were good.  The second is the New Baptist Covenant website.  There you can access any of the sermons from the event as well as lots of articles written about the event.  Listen to some of the sermons.  Particularly William Shaws. 




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