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Baylor Football February 7, 2008

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Yesterday was the national signing day for College Football.  This is the day most seniors sign official letters of intent to play college football. 

It is a big deal.  The quality of the class gives a good indication of what to expect on the field in coming years.  The rating system of each recruit has been honed to a science, albeit inprecise, where players are rated very specifically in comparison with one another. 

Art Briles first recruiting class at Baylor is not too shabby, considering he only had 2 months to put it together. 

It is currently ranked #51, which to my memory is about the best ranking we have had in a while.  We also should add 3-4 recruits in the coming weeks which should bump us up some. 

It isn’t great.  It’s poor by the standards of most programs.  But it is better than we have done and it was done with an incomplete coaching staff and a short time table.  Overall it inspires hope. 

 Here are some quotes from Briles’ press conference.  I thought some of them were hilarious and somewhat confusing.  I can’t wait to hear some of his similes and metaphors in the fall if we have another season like 2007.   

On recruiting a Canadian player
“Coming from Canada to the United States and the Big 12 is like walking out of Luby’s and finding a $100 bill, so all of the sudden you feel good.”
ON recruiting Jeremy Sanders from Navarro JC, formerly of Marlin High school and a guy who has had at best a checkered past.
“I look at him as a man. If someone is after me, I am going to go find Jeremy”
On recruiting local athletes like Waco High Running back Jared Salubi. 
“It is vital. If we can find a local kid that can play, that are Big 12 players, they are going to have a hard time going to H-E-B during contact period because we may be there handing out Baylor players. We need to get on them, and we will get on them because when you are in your own backyard, you fight a little bit harder. We want a guy that feels like he is in his backyard, protecting.”

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