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Baptists (and Catholics) and Creation Care March 12, 2008

This week both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Catholic Church took steps forward in recognizing humanity’s role in caring for (and harming) creation. 

The Vatican has brought potential new sins to the awareness of the faithful in the modern world.  Among them include the “sins of causing environmental blight.” 

The Southern Baptist Convention has been outspoken over the past years against Global Warming.  At the convention last year they passed a resolution which cautioned Southern Baptist to proceed cautiously in the acceptance of Global Warming citing that “many scientist reject the idea of catastrophic, human-induced global warming.”  This resolution passed despite the compelling scientific consensus to the contrary. 

But, this week, 46 influential Southern Baptist leaders (including the current president and 2 of the last 3 presidents) criticizing their denomination for being too timid in addressing this reality.

They pledged to no longer spend time bickering over the reality of Global Warming but to begin the dialogue on how specifically to address it.  See their statement here.

This is a huge step forward, for two such conservative Christian groups to recognize the issue and hopefully move the debate forward in their circles to focus on a responsible response.  It is encouraging. 


One Response to “Baptists (and Catholics) and Creation Care”

  1. kevintessa Says:

    Ah but not so fast. While the new resolution/movement is a “breath of fresh air”, the extremists and control freaks are scrambling to distance themselves from the statement. See: http://www.abpnews.com/3075.article

    They are even pointing out that the originator for the statement is simply a “seminary student”. See: http://www.bpnews.org/BPnews.asp?ID=27582

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