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Go Bears! Go Bears! Go Bears, Go! March 20, 2008

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I have written quite a bit about my beloved Baylor Bears in the past weeks.  Well, for the first time in over 20 years the Bears are dancing in the NCAA Tourney this afternoon at 2 PM and the game will be televised nationally on CBS. 

 Here are a couple clips of the selection show where we found out we were in.  Look particularly at the white man in the second row, that is our coach, Scott Drew, his reaction is priceless and also why he most likely is going to be making a lot more money, hopefully from BU. 

Here is another from someone at the watch party.  It is awesome. 

 I encourage all of you to take a vacation, skip work, come down with a quick striking illness.  Do what you can to get somewher and watch the game. 

I honestly believe we have a good shot at it, of course, if we lose, I will immediately edit this post and remove that sentence. 

 Sic Em Bears.


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