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Christ is risen! He is risen Indeed! March 25, 2008

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I wrote this for Fellowship’s newsletter article this week.  Enjoy.

Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!  What an utterly world changing statement to declare! 

What a wonderful and worshipful Easter morning we celebrated together Sunday!  It was great to meet so many of your family members who were visiting.  It was great to see so many visitors from the community join us.  It was incredible to have 215 people worshipping together.  Kim and Mandi’s songs were inspiring.  It was a good morning most importantly as we celebrated the resurrection of Christ!

I want to include my conclusion from the sermon on Sunday as means of encouragement for you this week. 

And so, Church, this Easter morning we stand alongside the beloved Disciple and stare into the Empty Tomb.  We see the burial clothes lying neatly folded where the body of Jesus should be.  We, from the vantage point of 2000 years later have know  the rest of the story of the resurrection and what it means, of the ascension and the gift of the Holy Spirit that was given. 

But this morning, we stand and gaze into the empty tomb with the Beloved Disciple and the question for us is, “Do we believe?” 

Our faith hinges in our belief in this three act miracle of the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. 

If we can’t believe in the miracle of the resurrection, if we look at that empty tomb and just see an empty tomb, if we can’t penetrate its greater meaning, then the spirit is not with us and this book is merely an antiquity filled with moral teachings that have no authority.  Jesus was merely a man, who was a vagrant and was executed, end of story, his teachings and life have no greater meaning.

But, If we believe in the resurrection, and the ascension of Jesus, then we believe that the Spirit of Jesus Himself has been given to us and we have the strength and the hope to live in faith, discerning the spirit’s leading.

If we can look at the empty tomb and believe, than this book has authority for our lives as it was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  If we can look at the empty tomb and believe then  this Jesus is worthy of giving our lives for and following with all that we are because He is our Savior. 

If we can stare into the empty tomb and believe then we have that which is worthy of giving our life for, Following the Risen Christ. 

Church, May we believe this morning.  May we make that leap of faith

So this morning we can stand together at the open door of an empty tomb and declare together, Christ is Risen!  He is risen indeed!

Live like you believe it.  Have a blessed week!


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