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Freshmen Phenom Cot’d June 27, 2008

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Last week sometime I wrote about Baylor Freshmen Phenom Robert Griffin and his incredible athleticism. 

Here is another article written today in the Waco Trib about a new opportunity in his life…the Olympic Trials.  He has a very outside shot of making the Olympic team.  Now remember, he very well could have run in the HIGH SCHOOL state track meet this year.  He has exceeded everyone’s expectations so far this year, here’s hoping it keeps up at the Trials.  That is…unless you are Art Briles. 


5 Years June 25, 2008

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Five years ago today I was preparing for a mission trip to St. Petersburg Russia.  For most Baylor fans, it was the day severe tragedy struck and left in its wake a dead young man, one shattered life, and a flood of debris from uncovered corruption, cheating, and scandal. 

Of course, I am speaking of the murder of Baylor Basketball player Patrick Dennehey, the ruined life of Carlton Dotson, and the mess of crap that was the reign of Dave Bliss. 

The Austin American-Statesman ran an interesting article on Carlton Dotson and family today.  Not your usual fare.  I thought you non-Statesman readers might find it intriguing.  Here is the link.






Freshmen Phenom? June 12, 2008

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Hold on to your hats Bears fans, here is a link I came across on the Wacotrib site today.  It is an article about an article (how’s that for crack journalism?  And how blogarific is it that I am writing about an article I saw about another article?) in ESPN the Mag that features a Baylor Bear in a football top 10 list.  Now, unless the list is a farce, has the word “worst” in the title, or is about Punter’s, this is rare territory for Baylor fans. 

The Top 10 List is entitled, “Freaks List” and lists 10 freakish incoming college freshmen that are incredible athletes and look to make a large impact for their team.  Baylor true Freshman QB Robert Griffin is listed at No. 4.  Below is what the article has to say. 

4. Robert Griffin, Baylor, QB: A 6-3, 200-pound true freshman, Griffin enrolled early and will battle for the starting QB job in the fall. A few weeks ago, “Rambo” displayed his blazing speed for the Bears track team by winning the Big 12 400-meter hurdles title at the conference outdoor championships with a personal-best and national-leading time of 49.22, making for a very rare double of QB-hurdler. Griffin is a legitimate threat to make the Olympics someday as a hurdler. New Baylor coach Art Briles describes Griffin as a “unique blend of athleticism.” That’s putting it mildly.

I saw this kid run in the State track meet last year and run the 300 hurdles within .01 second of the National High School Record.  Now, remember, he should be in high school still.  He very well could have been running in the High school state track meet in May, and instead ran in the Big 12 Meet and ran the fastest time in the nation.  IN the middle of that he had a great showing in Baylor’s Green and Gold game in the spring and had a very good showing for essentially being a High School kid (by last year’s QB standards he was absolutely incredible). 

Now, I am excited about the possibility of Kirby Freeman QBin the Bears in the fall, but it looks like it will be hard to keep an athlete like Griffin on the bench.  SHould be an interesting fall.  It’s a nice change to have options. 

It’s good to be a Baylor fan? 

(let’s not forget either, Griffin was firmly committed to UH until Briles moved to BU.  Briles is firmly responsible for him being at Baylor.  Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come)


True Love Waits…But it also teases evidently June 6, 2008

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I came across this through a friend this week and thought it was just too absurd not to post.  Click here to view.

Has chastity and abstinence reall become this commercialized?  The sad part is right now I can think of many girls in my old youth group who would buy these in every color imaginable and wear them every day of youth camp.  I know many parents who would happily buy them for their baby girls, completely missing the point. 

There are times, when Christianity in our country certainly seems like one great adventure in missing the point. 



Good blog June 4, 2008

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My uncle has a good conversation going on his blog this week.  A friend of his is sharing 1 part of his story each day this week.  His story details his journey as a pastor at a church in DFW area for 10 years and the events which led him to resign. 

Thus far it has been remarkably well written and insightful concerning both pastoral leadership and lay leadership/responsibility within a church. 

I encourage you to visit bucknerprez.typepad.com.  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this man’s story.