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Millenial July 15, 2008

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I was introduced to the term “millenial” a few weeks ago through my uncle’s blog, bucknerprez.typepad.com.

He has invited several different people who are in their 20’s to blog about church and faith from their perspective.  Millenial is a new term that has been developed to describe those living in their 20’s.  We are a unique generation and have a unique perspective on life, faith, and church. 

Those of you who are members of Fellowship certainly need to read these blogs.  You have a millenial pastor and hopefully these blog entries will help shed some light on the generational differences in outlook and perspective.  It is a healthy and great discussion. 

The rest of you need to stop by as well.  We are living through an utterly unique period in Church history.  When else have we needed this pantheon of generational labels just to keep track of the vast differences between those born in each decade since the second Great War? 

We are, most all of us, part of intergenerational families, churches, workplaces, and social networks.  Our tendency is to see others through our own lenses and perspective.  Joining in on discussions like the one going on on Uncle Ken’s blog help us understand the perspective of others, which can breed empathy and ultimately a deeper community. 

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday I will be writing the posts for Uncle Ken’s blog.  I ask you to stop by and join the discussion. 

Here is the link.  Check it out. 


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