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Kim Mulkey Roast July 19, 2008

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This week the Texas Sports Hall of Fame hosted a “roast” of Kim Mulkey, Baylor’s Women’s Basketball Coach. 

Here is a link to an article about the roast. 

Here is my favorite quote from the roast.  It just makes you cringe, but also have to laugh out loud. 

“Of course, Mulkey’s roasters took turns delighting a sold-out crowd at Baylor’s Galloway Suites with an array of zingers and one-liners directed at her — and each other.

When master of ceremonies Steve Fallon introduced former Baylor athletic director Tom Stanton, Fallon said, “Tom is constantly reminding me that he’s the athletic director who hired Kim Mulkey, over and over again. I remind him that he’s also the one who hired Dave Roberts and Kevin Steele, too!”

To which Stanton retorted, “Steve, don’t forget Dave Bliss.””



5 Responses to “Kim Mulkey Roast”

  1. Jerry Davis Says:

    Never heard of Tom Stanton,Kim Mulkey,Dave Roberts,Kevin Steele, Am I to assume these were basketball coaches at Baylor? I only know of guys like Emory Bellard,Dennis Franchione,Gene Stallings,and of course Bear Bryant…..!!! Gig Em…Jerry

  2. Scamp Says:

    Jerry, Kim Mulkey’s Baylor Lady Bears won the NCAA D-1 Championship in 2005. Sic’Em!

  3. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    you are brave putting Franchione on that list. Some would consider that blasphemy in company with those other ones.

    Here’s a little education for you:
    Tom Stanton was BU’s AD for a while. Kim Mulkey was a great hire. The other were very forgettable football coaches.

  4. Jerry Davis Says:

    Just trying to rattle Matt’s “Baylor Line ” cage a little. As a teenager in the 50’s I was Southwest Conference all the way. People like Bobby Lane, Doak Walker, and the radio announcer Kern Tipps were my heroes.Humble service stations had team stickers that would fit a window pane perfect. My bed room window had a place for each team. Kern Tipps could announce those games to the point you could close your eyes and see it in detail.. Jerry

  5. Jerry Davis Says:

    August 6 – July 19 = 18 days. Come back,come back to the Five and Dime…Bro. Matt, Bro. Matt

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