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Vintage Jesus September 11, 2008

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If you grew up in a church (or still attend a church) anything like the church I grew up in, you will remember somewhere in the building there being a certain picture of Jesus.  A likeness taken probably sometime in the 1950’s of a very caucasian, somber Jesus with shoulder length brownish blonde hair wearing a white robe.  Most likely the picture has a brown background and was shot with a filter that places an angelic glow around Jesus. 

You know the picture I am talking about.  The Church I served in Hubbard had one and it had been on the wall so long that the wall was a completely different color behind the picture.  When we redecorted for VBS and put white and black checkered wall paper along the whole fellowship all, all pictures, posters were removed, but Jesus got placed back up over the VBS wall paper even for that week. 

The picture may be an evangelical miracle.  I have been in many churches of various denominations where this same type of picture hangs.  Maybe it was the one thing that could bring us all together and we missed the opportunity. 

Anyway, the man I believed posed as Jesus (spoiler alert:  The man in this picture we all know is not Jesus) also starred in some Jesus videos evidently.  A church has taken these videos and dubbed over them and have used them to teach their youth.  They are hilarious.  If you can’t poke fun at Church and our own misconceptions of Jesus’ ministry, mission, and our own faith,  then don’t watch this. 

For the rest of us…Enjoy.  I will be posting three more of the coming days along with some commentary. 


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