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News, News, News January 10, 2009

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So, in case you haven’t heard, Kelley and I found out on Thanksgiving morning that we are going to be parents!

It was, obviously, incredible news and we are more than excited about it. The little guy/girl is due on July 25 which makes Kelley 12 weeks along as of today.

Kelley has had a great pregnancy thus far – no morning sickness! She went to the Doc thursday and everything looks healthy and right along schedule.

As we have been told no less than 1000 times since we told family, friends, and church – Life is about to change.

I haven’t posted anything in months, and frankly, haven’t even visited the site in a few weeks, but I see that a surprising number of people still visit this site, so I promise to post with some degree of faithfulness (is that sufficiently vague?)

Here are my thoughts I included in our newsletter this week.

It is amazing at how quickly the lens through which we view this life here on earth can change.  We can live through hundreds of days, weathering the highs and lows, experiencing joys, frustrations, sadness, complacency, satisfaction, and contentment, but maintaining the same basic perspective on life; or, said another way, viewing life through the same set of lenses. 

But suddenly, something happens that forces us to change the lenses through which we see life in order to still see clearly this world in which we live.  Someone very close to us dies and the world just doesn’t look the same without them.  We cross a mysterious threshold between one stage of life and another and suddenly the world looks completely different.  We find out we are going to be a parent and all of a sudden all aspects of life are viewed as if of a completely foreign hue.                

I have found myself surprised at how quickly life has changed at just the announcement of Baby Homeyer, much less his/her actual arrival!  I drive more cautiously.  Little weaknesses and inconsistencies in my life seem glaringly large to me now that I know there very soon will be a little person watching me to learn about faith, character, integrity, and honesty.  I approach spending and saving differently.  I love and act toward Kelley differently. 

 Our world has changed with the miraculous faint appearance of a second line on a little plastic strip.  How dynamic and wonderful life can be! 

 As I have reflected on this change of lenses and perspective in my life in this new year of 2009, two things jump out at me. 

  • 1) Fellowship will face a similar changing of perspective when we walk in to worship in our building in March. We won’t simply be meeting in a new space that we own: I believe that much of the culture of our church will be changed. Much of what is wonderful about Fellowship will only be enhanced – the community that exists between us, the love, and fellowship, and relationships between us will only be deepened and strengthened. Much of what we have been waiting, hoping, praying, and working for will be realized – having our own space to use to bless the community, the ability to better minister to our children and youth, a physical place for our identity and existence in Marble Falls to have its center. If we are good stewards of this new phase that we are approaching, I believe it will prove to be a blessed time of growth and Kingdom work for Fellowship. Get Ready!
  • 2) When we become a Follower of Christ, the lens of Christ’s call on our life becomes the lens through which we see everything we do. Chance encounters become divine appointments. Our skills and talents are suddenly seen as gifts to be used by God for His Kingdom. Our time, resources, and careers shift from being used as we so desire to being used as God leads us. When we become Followers of Christ, His will for our life is the lens through which we view life, especially through the changes life brings.

So my encouragement to you in this New Year of 2009 is to be aware of the lenses, through which you are viewing, and therefore living, your life.  Is the perspective of Christ the perspective with which you view your world and that colors all areas of your life?  The challenge, as it always is, is for each of us and for all of us to live for Christ.  May it be so in your life this week and this year! 


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