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New Things January 28, 2009

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So some of you may get annoyed at my newsletter articles, but others have asked that post them each week.  Here it is for this week!

It seems to me that growth always means change.  Although change only sometimes means growth.   We Americans tend to like things continually bigger and better and therefore often hear, “Growth,” and think of rising numbers (Homework assignment for the week – go look at Jesus teaching and parables on the Kingdom of God and contemplate whether bigger really is better).  But “growth,” especially as it relates to the Kingdom of God, takes many different forms and numerical gains are only one of its components.

Fellowship, we are growing.  We are maturing as a community.  It can be quantified in those that have joined and visited and have chosen to be a part of Fellowship and in our building quickly approaching completion.  It can be qualified in the discipleship, service, Bible study, and worship of the members of Fellowship each day and week.

   We are growing and quite necessarily, we are changing.    It is my hope and prayer that the ways in which we are changing will position Fellowship to be good stewards of the different components of growth with which God has blessed us. 

Over the past two Sunday’s I have introduced from the pulpit quite a few “new” ways in which to plug into Fellowship and participate in the Kingdom of God that I believe will help us be good stewards of all that God has blessed us with and called us to.  In short, they are ways in which to help us Love God and Love Neighbor. 

With all things new, we often react like a calf looking at a new gate:  We hesitate, not knowing whether to go forward or retreat.  To help us move forward, I want to give a quick explanation of all the new opportunities we have visited about these past two weeks. 

  • 1. Fellowship House Ministry
  • a. A new ministry that focuses on families of Fellowship developing intentional relationships with those in their neighborhoods. Those called to be a Fellowship House will commit to develop relationships with 10-15 families in their neighborhood. See last week’s newsletter or the church webpage for more details.
  • 2. Ministry Interest Survey
  • a. Many of you involved in Fellowship have expressed frustration in being able to get involved in the ministry of Fellowship and in knowing what the Fellowship’s opportunities for service are. This survey will be mailed out this week and will list in detail every possible area of service within Fellowship. We ask that you check those ministries and opportunities that you are interested and are feel led to be involved in. Checking a box is not signing on the dotted line to serve, but is merely an expression of your interest that will help us to plug people in and recruit volunteers. A copy of this can also be printed off the webpage and will be emailed out. Please email your copy back filled out, drop it off at the office, mail it in to the office, or bring it to church on Sunday.
  • 3. Ministry Teams
  • a. We are forming three ministry teams to help us prepare to serve in the coming months. These will be temporary teams and anyone can volunteer to serve on them.
  • i. Neighborhood and Building Ministry Team
  • 1. This is not a cleverly named team, but it will be formed for one year and its purpose will be to seek ways to 1) Reach out to the neighborhoods around Mormon Mill Rd. 2) Use our building to bless the neighborhoods around Mormon Mill and the larger community.
  • ii. Children’s Ministry Team
  • 1. As we get into our building we have the opportunity to expand our Children’s ministry and better meet the needs of our kids, this team will explore the specific ways in which this should happen.
  • iii. Mission Trip Ministry Team
  • 1. This team will explore options for our summer mission trip, choose a location, and help plan the trip.

Read again through these opportunities and pray about how God is leading you to be involved.  As I shared Sunday, it is my hope and prayer that we would be a family of faith where no one sits on the sidelines of God’s Kingdom, but that we are a family who ALL participate together in ministry. 

There is a place for you to plug-in!  Seek it out!  Dive in! 

You can call or email Kathy or I during the week to volunteer for any of these.  We will have sign-up sheets for each of them at church on Sunday.

The deadline to sign up for each of these will be Sunday, February 8.


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