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Stages of Life February 4, 2009

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Here is the newsletter for the week!  I have a couple other posts up my sleeve later this week.  I’m not preaching Sunday so it affords a little time!

I have thought quite a bit lately about the varying stages of life and the purpose that each stage holds for us.  Even in my 28 years I can look back and see the purpose that each stage of my life held and how it prepared me for where I am today. 

                From birth an through the end of our lives, there is purpose in each stage, whether those stages relate to relationships, career, or faith.  We have purpose in each stage.  There is something for us to learn from each stage.  There is something unique for us to contribute in each stage. 

                That is why I believe any Churches are at their strongest when they actively involve those from the youngest to the oldest into the family of faith and into ministry.                

                One of the great differences it seems between the earlier stages of life as compared with the latter stages of life is that those that are younger want to speed up the stages and race through them to get to the next one, but those in the latter stages have learned much through the earlier stages and know that each stage is to be savored and experienced and want to tap the brakes and take their time through each stage. 

                I have spent the stages of my life very much wanting to rush through each stage and get to the next.  High School is spent preparing for college.  College is spent preparing for Seminary.   Seminary is spent preparing for serving in a church.  Now, at the ripe old age of 28, I am beginning to want to tap the brakes and slow things down a little bit, and not rush through this stage of life. 

                Personally, Kelley and I are at an incredibly exciting point.  Being settled into life in Marble Falls.  Loving our jobs.  Having great friends.  Having family living near.  Baby on the way.  We are blessed to an extent that simply astounds.

                As a family of faith, we are at an equally exciting stage.  This Sunday there was such energy in the air as people visited with one another and worshipped together.  As so much Kingdom work was begun as people filled out Ministry Interest Surveys, signed up for Ministry Teams, signed up to be a Fellowship House, in addition to all of the “normal” ways we minister day in and day out. 

                We are on the cusp, less than a month in fact, from entering our new building and the prospect of that is simply staggeringly wonderful for us all.  There is such hope and expectancy at this stage of the life of Fellowship Baptist Church. 

                 Last week as I was running at the gym I listened to an album that was very meaningful to me in a previous stage of life.  One refrain from that album has stuck in my head ever since then.  It rings out loudly, “This is your life…are you who you want to be?” 

                Now, the measure of life isn’t being who we want to be, but who God desires us to be; but, the question still rings, at this stage of your life, are you who you want to be?  Are you who God desires you to be? 

                For maybe the first time in my life, I can fully say that I am who, where, and what I want to be, and I believe, who, where, and what God wants to me be.  Not that I am without weakness, sin, and frustration, but it is a peaceful point at which to arrive. 

                Are you aware of God’s purpose for you in this stage of life?  Are you who God wants you to be at this stage in your life?  Spend some time reflecting on this question. 

For we, at no point in our life, are too young or too old or too busy to serve God’s Kingdom right where we are at.  And if we don’t realize that, then we miss the whole purpose of that stage in our life and the opportunity is gone. 

                Don’t miss the opportunities to serve God’s kingdom at this wonderful stage!  Live with the hope and expectancy of being used by God RIGHT NOW!


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