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That man went to Disney Land without me! April 12, 2009

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When I became a Pastor and resigned as a youth minister I promised myself I would never again take a group to Six Flags and I never again would attend a youth camp unless someone else was in charge. 

Friday we took 36 kids to Six Flags.  It wasn’t as bad as most trips, it actually was pretty fun.  Lots of sponsors, good kids, and good planning by the parents in charge. 

In honor of my trip to Six Flags and because I love Scrubs and think this is hilarious.  I have posted this link my friend Brantley sent me for your enjoyment. 


Funky Fresh Senior Choir April 5, 2009

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Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while, and blogging has somewhat fallen on the priority list recently.  I apologize to the 3 of you who regularly visit this site.  Graham/Story, Courtney, and Mom, I appreciate your commitment. 

For those who occassionally stop by, here’s the life update.

Kelley and I are having (actually, she’s having, but I was integral in the process) a baby boy due on July 25.  We’re pumped. 

We opened our new church a few weeks ago and it is awesome.  Pics to follow hopefully.

Latest provacative thought:  What is it like to sit before the throne room of God?  How does an active through process of the throne room of God affect the way we pray/live?  Thank you Francis Chan.

Ok, here is a hilarious video I came across this afternoon.  I don’t know if it is serious or a joke, but it is hilarious.  Notice how they follow the song along with the sheet music.  Where do you find sheet music for this stuff?  Hilarious.