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Giving In… July 6, 2009

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After years of bugging Matt about the amount of time he spent blogging, I, Kelley, am finally giving in to the world of the blog.  I have to be honest and admit how much I enjoy following our friend’s lives through their blogs.  And since we have a new addition coming soon, I thought a blog would be a good way to share a little window into our new world, if for no other reason than to provide the grandparents with some entertainment and some updated pictures every now and then.  It will be interesting to see how Matt and I share the responsibility of the site.  If you know either of us at all, then you know we both like to be in control so we’ll see!  However, if you’re frequenting the site in hopes of continued sprititually provoking posts, you’ll have to keep counting on Matt for that.  I am happy to leave that responsibility to him! 

We are now less than three weeks away from the due date of Baby Boy Homeyer.  We have been working hard to get prepared.  If he decides to come now, I think we have a nice little space ready for him in our home.  I’m still working on the mental preparations for being a mom…I’m not sure if I’m making much progress in that area!  So, in anticipation of his arrival I’ll share a little glimpse down the road so far through a few pictures!

12 weeks-the belly begins

12 weeks-the belly begins

24 weeks-he's growing!

24 weeks-he's growing!

35 weeks-Almost there and sooo BIG!

35 weeks-Almost there and sooo BIG!

Little Baby H's crib

Little Baby H's crib

More nursery-the sock monkey was hand made by sweet Ms. Euda Raley

More nursery-the sock monkey was hand made by sweet Ms. Euda Raley

Let’s hope Matt approves of the changes I’ve made to his blog.  I appreciate his willingness to share with me!


4 Responses to “Giving In…”

  1. Storey Says:

    We are loving the blog’s new look and are ready to be amazed by your upcoming posts on life with Baby Homeyer! Love you both!

  2. Right on!! We needed another blog to follow. Can’t wait for baby Homie! Keep those posts a-coming…..


  3. Christie Says:

    Love the pictures! We are looking at coming to visit July 31-Augut 2…can’t wait!!!! 🙂

  4. Courtney Stanley Says:

    OOOOOHHH!!!! I’m soooo excited!!!! MORE blogging!!!! I finally have added you guys to my blogroll so I can be “updated” as soon as ya’ll post…..

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