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Resurrection July 6, 2009

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The title of this post references an utterly non-spiritual, very worldly resurrection:  The resurrection of this blog. 

For almost a year I absolutely loved blogging, but after a while it became more of a burden than an enjoyment and I made the decision that my time was better spent elsewhere. 

BUT, this illustrious (or is it forgettable? ) is being resurrected, albeit in a slightly different format. 

As most of you know Kelley and I are expecting our first child (a little boy) in slightly less than 3 weeks (July 25 to be exact)! 

So many of our friends have created blogs to chronicle their lives and most importantly, to post pictures and news of their little ones.  For a long while Kelley and I thought we weren’t going to create a similar blog, but we finally have realized how much we enjoy (as do others!) keeping up with and getting to know Cambell, Caris, Lydia, Weiss and others through their parents’ blog. 

So, furtherupfurtherin is back in business as a Homeyer family blog!  Oh, occassionally I may post the random musing as it strikes, but mostly it will be filled with pictures, updates, and news of Baby Homeyer, Max, Kelley, and maybe even myself. 

I originally titled the blog, “furtherupfurtherin” after a repeated phrase from the Chronicles of Narnia.  My hope was that through writing I would chronicle my own journey “further up, and further in” to life lived with Christ.  After much debate on what to call our “family blog” we finally came to realize that “further up, further in” is exactly what we will be experiencing as a new family. 

Further up, further the experiences life has to offer.  Further up, further on what it means to be family.  And yes, further up, further in on our journey of faith. 

So, stop by occassionally to check up on what is going on in the life of the Homeyer’s!  We invite you to journey further up, further in with us!


One Response to “Resurrection”

  1. Courtney Stanley Says:

    Now that I’ve done my “catching up” on ya’lls blog, I’m SUPER excited for more posts…. (And I enjoyed reading how you got the name of your blog… I really need to read “The Chronicles of Narnia” now…..)

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