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Waiting… July 9, 2009

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Today we went to the Doctor for our weekly appointment (this is Matt writing, so it really wasn’t my appointment, I use the plural personal pronoun only to make myself feel more a part of the process.  At “our” appointments I really only smile politely, shake hands with Dr. Fernandez, and hold Kelley’s purse when she goes to the bathroom). 

It was one of these 10 minute appointments you drive 120 miles roundtrip for.  He asks the basic questions.  He pushes and prods forcefully on Kelley’s belly, and he pronounces everything is ok.  We are definitely thankful that this has been the normative experience! 

SO, all that to say, we are still waiting.  Officially we are 15 days away from D-Day.  In the meantime, I am reaping the rewards of Kelley’s nervous energy.  I came home to bacon and egg sandwiches at lunch Tuesday.  I came home to homemade enchiladas that night.  Our house is wonderfully clean.  Baby H’s nursery looks incredible.  And I Kelley is doing it all!  I love my wife! 

Unfortunately for Kelley, most of my nervous energy is being poured into work.  Sorry Kelley! 

It is an odd experience, this waiting.  Everything is basically “normal” for us in the day-to-day, but you know that at any moment everything is going to change and the change will last the rest of your life.  An odd experience indeed. 

My parents rented a condo in Rockport for the week so Kelley and I are both struggling with our resentment issues that they are fishing, reading, and relaxing by the water and we are not.  To help comfort us in this time my mom has been kind enough to send nice pictures of their visit.  Thanks Joyce! 


Here is an alligator they saw today.  I can’t believe they didn’t get closer! 


Here is a nice beach shot from the beach off the North Jetty in Port Aransas. 

This will be one of the first summers in my life that I haven’t spent some time in Rockport so I am missing it if you can’t tell!


6 Responses to “Waiting…”

  1. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    One Editor’s Note by Matt:
    An anonymous source has informed me that I neglected to mention that on top of bacon/egg sandwiches, homemade enchiladas, cleaning, and generally being a wonderful person, Kelley also made her first ever cheesecake for our Youth Minister Reece’s b-day. It was amazing.

    And let me say, if you think licking the brownie bowl is great, it is NOTHING compared to dumping in a few graham cracker crumbs and licking THAT bowl. Amazing.

  2. Your Fan Says:

    Hoped the dr. would say that BM would arrive around the 20th…five days before I go to Alaska. Kelley, stay ready. Well, I guess you have no choice but to stay ready… Matt the coast is too hot this year to be really good. Also, this is really good pity party material..Maybe your dad or Pawpaw will come across with a fishfry or a pseudo coast trip sometime. We’ve already started planning how we’ll do trips with three carseats and highchairs. Your Mom and I will keep kiddos while you guys fish, read books, lounge,etc. I am going to RKpt MANANA and I promise to think about you.

  3. Joyce Homeyer Says:

    Both of you were greatly missed.

  4. Graham Says:

    The Bobby Homeyer I remember would have wrestled the alligator (for sport) and then we would have seen it again in the form of kabobs at the Homeyer back-to-school cookout. He must be mellowing out as he gets closer to becoming a grandfather.

  5. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    Truth be told, MOM took the picture, Dad stayed in the truck.

    You know, when you are a bigwig Karnes County National Bank Branch Manager you just can’t live wild and free like you once could! Your life is simply worth too much to too many people.

  6. bobby homeyer Says:

    I sensed that forest was angry that day. Having launched a two hour “survivor like” afternoon, we rounded the corner in our pick-up and saw the great beast! A wild alligator boldly positioned in the middle of the road clearly ready to defend his territory. Survivor men like me and the guy on T.V. understand that in nature, body posture is a way of communication and I was clearly on the end of the line. This gator had thrown down a challenge. Little did he know that I had met a gator once before in waist deep water and I still laugh at the fear I saw in his eyes. (crazylaugh) Ha, Ha, Ha! Something within me, some might say a primal part of me that connects back to my ancestors that never even knew about M and M’s and other modern peanut candies, required me to respond to this challenge. I love my wife ,but I knew that it was time to crawl out of her lap. I stepped from the car.
    A quick movement. Our eyes met. I got out of her lap again.
    This time I stared straight at the beast. If he had been a bit smaller, he would have looked like a wood lizard and I could not have dealt with that. My eyes met the gaze of the beast. We did that deal where you both wait for the other guy to blink. He won. I really, really wished I was 12 years old and had a benjamin pump bb gun. At one point I was within 3.62 feet of him. Then suddenly, a scream. The encounter was over. Joyce was thirsty and hot and I couldn’t play anymore. I left knowing that I had faced death and that yes I am a survivor especially if I have one of those route 44 sonic drinks.

    Did somebody say that Bobby Homeyer was over the hill? Knot hardly. It is true that I have to consider my position in life now. Just today I was called up to the home office. I arrived I was rushed upstairs where the Karnes county National Bank had come dangerously close to having both 5 gallon water bottles empty at the same time. Luckily, I got there in time. I don’t even like to think what could have…….. wel that’s all for now. I’ll see you deep in the forest. I’l be the guy with the rt. 44. Dman

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