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Enjoy it while you can! July 12, 2009

It has been a really nice weekend.  We’ve tried to relax and enjoy laying around with very little responsibility while we can! 

Kelley’s sister Amy moved from Dallas to Austin Friday and we went in to help her move into her apartment.  Moving into a 3rd story apartment on July 10 in 105 degree heat at 4:00 in the afternoon is quite an experience.  It was miserably hot but will be a good family memory.  More importantly, now Kelley’s parents, brother, and sister all live within an hour of us…which means babysitters! 

Our Church does Meals on Wheels with St. Frederick’s Baptist Church on the second Saturday of every month.  St. Frederick’s has this incredible Meals on Wheels Ministry where they provide meals every Saturday of the year for people who get governmental Meals on Wheels during the week but might not have anything for the weekend.  We help package the food and deliver once a month.  Kelley and I got up early and went and helped out Saturday morning.  It is always a great time visiting with Bessie Jackson and Rev. George Perry at St. Frederick’s along with all of our family from Fellowship. 

We laid around most of the rest of Saturday, BUT, went to one of my favorite places in the world on Friday night, Alamo Drafthouse

We went and saw Away We Go with Maya Rudolph (SNL) and John Krasinski (The Office).  It was a really good movie, but for our current stage of life, it was perfect.  It is the story of a pregnant woman and her boyfriend as they search for “home” in the vastness of America.  I highly recommend it.  Add pizza, drinks, and an oreo shake to a great movie and it makes for a great night.  Of course, the evening was topped off with a trip to Babies R Us. 

This morning was a great morning at Fellowship complete with a new family joining, which is always wonderful.  We did NOTHING this afternoon, and right about the time I had convinced myself to take a bike ride, our friends Will and Jenny called and invited us for Brisket and Brats at the Brust’s house.  It was amazing.  Brisket.  Brats.  Mashed Red Potatoes.  Frito Salad.  Grilled Corn on the Cob.  Ice Cream Cake.  Water Melon.  Awesome.  Also, Happy Birthday Emily!  THanks for being born 19 years ago so we could bbq today. 

Tomorrow continues the waiting and watching. 

Even So, Baby Homeyer come quickly (a little shout out to you seminary geeks)

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures.  The first is of a little onesie a smart aleck church member gave us (Thanks Dan!)  Some of you Agriculture and Mechanical fans might appreciate it. 


This one is a birds nest a mockingbird is building in our Red Oak Tree.  It has been fun to watch it be constructed over the week.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress!  IMG_1894



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