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The Bob Revolution July 13, 2009

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I’ve always been fascinated (in my vast life experience!) to find the changes new phases of life brings.  We spend so much of our time preparing to take the next step of life (high school prepares you for college, college prepares you for jobs, dating prepares you for marriage, marriage prepares you for children, etc, etc.) it is bizarre at times to find yourself suddenly in a new phase of life. 

I don’t know how many times over the past several years I have said to one friend or another, “Man, we really are adults!”  As if I should be suprised.  As if, even in an age of extended adolescence, one could reach the age of 28 without adult responsibilities!  All the same, every once in a while an actual adult treats me (who still feels like a pretend-adult) like an actual pastor or an actual peer and I am very suprised! 

In this whole baby situation, Kelley and I have tried to be diligent in reading books, talking to people, and generally figuring out how in the world to be a parent and successfully enter this next phase of life.  A big part of this has simply been learning all of the baby “technology” out there.  Going into Babies R Us the first time was an incredibly overwhelming experience (that maybe another post). 

We’ve tried to be reasonable and relatively frugal in our choices of all the baby junk we need, but one thing we splurged on after talking with our friend Courtney, is a Bob Revolution Stroller.  For those of you who don’t know what a Bob Revolution is, here is a picture.





A couple of weeks ago I was pulling away from a house after visiting some church members when I saw a man jogging with his young soon.  Suddenly I recognized that he was pushing a Bob Revolution.   Without thinking I pulled up next to him, told him I liked his Bob Revolution, and asked him how he liked it.  We talked for 5 minutes about a stroller. 

And as I pulled away I thought to myself, “Man, I REALLY am an adult!” and just an adult, a soon-t0-be-dad.  Six months ago I would have had no IDEA what a Bob Revolution is, much less been able to discuss it with a stranger for 5 minutes! 

So I guess I really am a “real” adult (granted, many of you college friends, especially Kelley’s friends, will say I’ve been 40 for the past 8 years), who talks about IRAs, taxes, lawn maintenance, and and yes, strollers. 

And now, check this out


Our Bob Revolution comes with a car seat adapter…jealous?


6 Responses to “The Bob Revolution”

  1. Storey Says:

    I really am! (jealous, I mean)

  2. Mary Kathryn Says:

    We have this stroller and LOVE it!!! It’s totally worth the investment. It’s the ONLY stroller we have, and it’s amazing! We’ve used it from the car seat until now. It even fits through the security belt in the airport.
    And, you will notice a cultish following when you see other parents with it and stop to talk to them. A 5 minute conversation is actually pretty quick. 🙂
    Yep. We are definitely adults. 🙂

  3. Joyce Homeyer Says:

    Do they make one for Bobby so he will go walking with me.

  4. Courtney Stanley Says:

    Baby Homeyer is going to be “big pimpin'” in his stroller….. haha

  5. Joe Nader Says:

    I would love to see Bobby in a stroller. Pull!!!!

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