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Since Baby H hasn’t arrived yet… July 17, 2009

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Since Baby Homeyer hasn’t made his appearance yet, I figured I would include a post for all you Baylor fans out there.

I am guardedly excited about the upcoming Baylor football season.  I am optimistically hoping for a return to a Bowl Game for the first time in a ridiculous amount of years.  I REALLY want to take Baby H to at least a portion of a BU game this year so when he is living in Penland Hall in 2027 (my vision is that in 2027 Penland will have been torn down and rebuilit a la Brooks Hall and will house both regular students and those rare students who play linebacker for the football team and occassionally pitch for the baseball game and lead Bible studies in the off season…of course maybe he’ll just live in Brooks Hall, which could work as well) he can say he’s been to a BU game every year of his life.  I’m not sure what exactly that would do for him, but from my vantage point now it sounds cool. 

ANYWAY, my beloved Bears announced a new look for this fall. 

Check it out:  http://www.baylorbears.com/view.gal?id=50597

BU Uni's

Sic Em Bears!


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