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Family and Fajitas July 19, 2009

It’s been a good weekend.  Matt and I spent the night in Austin Thursday to have one last getaway together.  The trip consisted mostly of eating and relaxing because we were so tired from the late night of seeing Harry Potter the night before, but it was just what we needed.  We spent some quality time at the Cheesecake Factory and had brunch at Magnolia Cafe on Friday.   Matt discovered that they make omelletes with queso and avocado which was amazing! 

This Saturday we got to spend some quality time with our family as they all made the trek to Marble Falls (except for Mallory who we missed terribly!)  Matt’s parents, Bobby and Joyce, came early in the afternoon to hang out.  They brought their great-nephew, Hunter, who is about 16 months old.  Bobby and Joyce have gotten lots of good grandparent practice with Hunter this past year.  It was fun for Matt and I to get to spend some time with him and get a glimpse of what our life is going to be like next year.  Hunter LOVES balls so we spent a lot of time playing catch/fetch with him.  He is just starting to say some words.  We got to hear him say “Bobby” several times,  much to Bobby’s delight.  He also pretty clearly said “out” and since this was one of his few distinguishable words, we (or at least the speech therapist in me)  felt it important to respond to his communication attempts and take him out to play.  Well, mostly Joyce was nice enough to take him out in the heat…she’s going to be a great grandma!  Hunter also brought several pacifiers with him and enjoyed switching them out periodically.


My parents, Terry and Melinda, and my siblings Amy and Aaron and Aaron’s girlfriend, Chelsey all came over for dinner.  Matt really did most of the cooking since it mostly involved grilling.  He made some spectacular jalapeno poppers and we also had fajitas.  Matt took some delicious shots of the food so you all could see it.  And it’s probably a good thing because this may be the last good meal that’s actually cooked in this house for a while!  It was quite the spread…IMG_1916

The poppers are the top/middle :)

The poppers are the top/middle 🙂

We had some oreo ice cream cake for dessert.  This was always a staple in my family that my mom would make for my brother and my cousin Christie’s birthdays in January when we were kids.  Somehow then it never seemed weird to eat ice cream cake in January, but it seems so much more appropriate in July!  Chelsey also made some delicious cookies for us.  Here’s the whole crew minus Matt, the photog.  It was great to spend some time with our families and it’s always fun when we get to get the two together! 


I think Terry and Melinda realized they’ve got some catching up to do with the other grandparents…they haven’t had much practice with babies in a while!  Matt and I are doing our best to rev up the competition between them to make sure that Baby H gets good and spoiled.  I don’t think we have to worry too much since he’s the first grandbaby for both!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to show off the nursery while it’s still clean and neat!

Most likely the next time this crew is reunited will be in the hospital, hopefully sometime this week! 



I’ll end with an unrelated picture of the cheesecake I made a couple weeks ago.  I’m just very proud of it and did take a picture to show it off!



2 Responses to “Family and Fajitas”

  1. Christie Says:

    ICE CREAM CAKE!!!! You had Ice Cream Cake without me!!!!! 🙂 I wish we didn’t live so far away. 😦 Good Luck this week…we will be thinking about you! Love you!

  2. Courtney Stanley Says:

    OOOOHHH I love the blog!!! (I love the food pics, too!) And when little Homeyer gets here, there will be even more excitement!!!!!

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