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Brooks Matthew July 23, 2009

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IMG_1994Brooks Matthew arrived Wednesday July 22, 2009 at 7:20 A.M.  He weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces and was 19 inches long. 

I’m writing this about 32 hours after the birth and mom and Brooks are doing great.  I am amazed at how quickly Kelley has gotten up and around!  Brooks LOVES to eat and has had no trouble figuring out how to do so.  Less than an hour after he arrived he took right to eating!  This leads me to believe he CERTAINLY takes after the Homeyer side in some respects. 

We are worn out and didn’t sleep much last night, but overall it has been a glorious couple of days.  Even though we could go home this afternoon, we are going to stay tonight and take advantage of professional care while we can! 

Here are some pictures.  More will follow once we have a bit more time.  If you have facebook, there are lots more pictures there.






Click here to see the facebook pics!


Oh Heavenly Day, all the clouds blew away

Got no trouble today with anyone

A smile on your face I live only to see

It’s enough for me, baby, it’s enough for me

Oh, Heavenly Day, Heavenly Day, Heavenly Day


6 Responses to “Brooks Matthew”

  1. Joyce Homeyer Says:

    The pictures are great. We are having Brooks withdrawals and resisted the urge to drive to Round Rock tonight. If he keeps crying, he may be missing gj.

  2. Camille Says:

    oh, such a sweet, teeny baby. brings back great memories 🙂 Kelley, you look great (before and after baby). Wishing you guys the best! These first few months are so precious.

  3. kevin Says:

    So happy for you guys!! Has Brooks already started eating Ketchup like the other Homeyers?

  4. joe nader Says:

    Congrats guys!! Brooks looks amazing! Y’all make great babies.

  5. Stanley Family Says:

    We can’t wait to meet him!!! I love the precious pictures…. Keep at it!!! Ya’ll look great and he is a BEAUTIFUL BOY…. soooo handsome…. Can’t wait to love on him….We’ll have to find a time soon to come see you guys… just letting you all get “settled in…”

    • furtherupfurtherin Says:

      Courtney, that is a lot of elipses in one comment, but the senitment if much appreciated! We have dr. appts tomorrow afternoon, but will be around the rest of the week. Come on by!

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