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Our new life July 27, 2009

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So it is no surprise that life has changed a bit in the Homeyer household.  Before Brooks’ arrival I got really tired of hearing, “Boy you’re life’s gonna change!”  As if I didn’t know. 

Today was certainly a change from any other day of my life. 

I got to sleep last night thanks to Melinda (Kelley’s mom) coming to stay with us and help with the night shift. 

This morning was spent alternating holding Brooks with Kelley (and Melinda before she left) and straightening house and even going into work for just a little bit. 

This afternoon was spent at a pediatrician’s office hearing how beautiful and healthy Brooks is and then at a Vet’s office hearing how bad Max’s allergies are. 

Here is where the day gets fun:  Kelley hasn’t had any breaks as she is the primary (read:  sole) feeder of Brooks, so as soon as I got back from the vet I took over baby duty so she could have a nap. 

He was in a real cute mode.  Eyes open, swaddled in a blanket my Mam-maw made him, just looking around. 

He had the hiccup/poots, which I find hilarious, UNTIL, the poots become something so much more. 

Suddenly he pooped so much the diaper could not contain it.  Out it came onto the blanket and Brooks.  I rushed him into the nursery to change him.  There was yellow poop everywhere.  Just as I got him cleaned up he peed all over himself.

Sidenote:  Brooks LOVES to pee just as the diaper is coming off.  I already feel he has an ability for military tactics.  If he gets you from the front 3 times in a row, just when you block the front, he’ll come from the side or even from the back and get you WHEREVER you aren’t covered.  Brilliant.

So the latest effluence was all over him and the changing table.  I proceeded, being the good Father I am, to clean him up yet once again. 

Just as I cleaned him up YET again, I reached for a new diaper and he pooped all over himself and the changing table.  It TRULY capped off a wonderful 5 minute Father/Son bonding experience. 

Finally, I got him cleaned up, diapered, and swaddled again. 

My greatest hope is in the Healthcare Reform discussion going, the Obama administration will tackle diaper improvement.  That maybe another post later on. 

Anyway, such is the new and improved life of Matt and Kelley Homeyer.  And we love it! 

Here’s a great new picture of Brooks my mom took. 

Brooks in Blue


4 Responses to “Our new life”

  1. Camille Says:

    Love that story! The joys of diapering 🙂 Get ready for some monster ‘blowouts’!
    I hope Kelley is getting some rest! It is exhausting when you are the only source of nutrition for the little one 🙂
    Seriously, it is such a precious time though 🙂


  2. Joyce Homeyer Says:

    Be careful what you say about my grandson. He is perfect.

  3. Courtney Stanley Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Hey—be thankful at this age his poop doesn’t smell too bad… Just wait until the big kid food….hahaha!!

    Cute story.. All parents have to smile while reading it…..

  4. Chelsey Says:

    Matt i think your blog is the only peaceful and happy thing I read! However, the line about the healthcare reform just about did me in. Haha. I’m going back to my happy place…(watching more of Brooks and his tummy time video)

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