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In Love August 4, 2009

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Its hard to believe that Brooks is only 14 days old.  From the minute we arrived home from the hospital its been hard to imagine life without him.   This short journey (though it feels like it’s been a very long one!) has been pretty amazing so far.  I have been full of an array of emotions.  I’m overwhelmingly in love with this new little being.  Things that I especially love:  watching his sweet face while he sleeps, snuggling with him while he’s crouched on my shoulder, the quick little breaths he takes before he’s about to let out a wail, the brief moments when he focuses on my face and studies it, and watching his bright blue eyes as he explores his new home.  Matt and I have even been able to find humor in the instances where we’ve found ourselves covered in pee and/or poop. (I found some poop on the back of the closet door a few days ago 🙂 )   Our diapering skills have come a long way in two weeks, but they’re by no means perfected yet.  I am very grateful for whoever invented the Wee Blocker (it’s a little sponge that you set on top of him while you’re changing the diaper to keep from getting sprayed)…it has saved us a lot of showers since we got it!



We’ve been so blessed to have the help of Brooks’ grandmothers, Sassy and GJ, to help us get some rest at nights.  It’s hard to believe that I’m still functioning when I haven’t slept for longer than a three hour stretch in two weeks, so we really appreciate the help on the nights when they’re here and we can pass him off and get a little break.  Joyce and I did have a funny encounter on one of these nights.  Since Brooks has been home I’ve found myself hearing lots of phantom baby cries and waking up thinking that I’m holding the baby.  So one night, I woke up from a pretty deep sleep thinking that Brooks was in my arms.  So, I got up and carried him to the nursery to put him in his crib.   But, when I walked in I saw Joyce holding a baby in the rocker and for a few seconds before I fully woke up I was really confused as to why there were two babies in the house.  We had a good laugh about it the next morning when we were both a little more awake!IMG_2046

As mentioned previously, my emotions have been a little out of control since bringing home baby.  Last week I tried to read “Love You Forever” as I fed Brooks.  Unfortunately, I did not make it through the first line, “A mother sat rocking her new baby,” without bursting into tears.  I tried again a few times, but poor Brooks never heard more than the first two lines of that book.  He’ll have to wait until he’s a little older and his mother is a little more stable to hear the whole story!  My tears have been known to come at any moment…happy/sad/peaceful/stressful….there’s really no rhyme or reason to them.  I’ve been wanting to get my hair cut off for the last several months of my pregnancy, and I finally have an appointment this week, but I’m afraid to do anything too drastic because I fear a wave a tears will follow…I might just wait a few more weeks to make any more major life changes!  IMG_2057

We are quickly adjusting to this new life and loving our baby boy.  Even Max has taken quite the liking to him.  He just has not figured out why he cannot play with him yet!


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  1. Joyce Homeyer Says:

    It just gets better and better as they go through all the developmental stages. Then one day he brings home the perfect daughter-in-law that gives us the perfect grandson. Life could not be better.

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