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Mock..YEAH…ing..YEAH…bird…YEAH August 9, 2009

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A few weeks ago I was going through my daily plant watering ritual and in the backyard saw a brand new bird nest in our Red Oak tree, which is amazing considering the size of the tree.  I have somewhat been impressed that the tree held up the weight of the nest. 

I was amazed how quickly this Mockingbird assembled her nest and was fascinated to watch her work and subsequently progress. 

I decided to document it and thought I would share some of the pictures with you. 



 The nest appears.



 The eggs were absolutely beautiful. 


Momma mockingbird did not like me taking pictures near her nest.  After the birds hatched she would swoop around me or Max anytime we went near the tree.  When we watered around there she would get in the nest and keep her wings over the eggs and then the hatched birds. 



Just hatched.  As best I can tell they hatched either on the same day or the day after Brooks was born. 

























Almost all grown up. 

And the next day they flew away.  It was fun watching them for a few weeks.  The parents (or maybe the hatchlings themselves) still dive bomb Max and I when we go near the nest. 


One Response to “Mock..YEAH…ing..YEAH…bird…YEAH”

  1. Stanley Family Says:

    Too cool…. Next thing we know, you’ll be documenting for Nat Geo….

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