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The Latest August 16, 2009

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IMG_2190It’s been a pretty busy week, thus not too many updates.  I apologize (especially to the grandma’s) for not posting more pics and video. 

Kelley’s Grandpa (Pa), his wife Peggy and their good friend Don and Wilma Neal came and met Brooks yesterday evening and came and visited again this morning.  Now if only my Mam-maw can get down here Brooks will have met all of the Great-grandparents! IMG_2191


Brooks has been really fussy the past couple of days which has not been fun.  It seems we are constantly either trying to keep him awake so he will sleep later or coaxing him to go to sleep so we can as well.  If this is a war…Brooks is winning. 

Kelley woke up last night feeling pretty badly, and after visiting with the Dr. this afternoon she has been diagnosed with mastitis (complete with 102 fever, chills, with a good measure of pain thrown in).   Luckily he sent in the prescription without us having to go see him in Round Rock (an hour drive).  The antibiotics are doing their thing as of an hour ago and hopefully she will be back to feeling good soon. 

On a lighter note:  I tried this afternoon, in the midst of all the fuss, to capture a few of Brooks’s coos and sounds on video.  It didn’t work out too great, but if you persevere to the end of this one I’ve posted you will be rewarded.  I promise. 


4 Responses to “The Latest”

  1. Camille Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry you guys. I hope Kelley feels better soon! (I feel her pain…) We went through the same thing when Caris was about 4 weeks, all the sudden she was really fussy. We’ll be praying for you guys.
    Brooks is such a little cutie! Love the little video 🙂


  2. Joyce Homeyer Says:

    Tnanks Matt—love the video. It makes me want to pick him up. We hope Kelley is feeling better soon. Maybe she needs CAKE!

  3. Bobby Homeyer Says:

    The Brookster- Shootin Ducks

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