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Week 4 in the Wonderful Life of Brooks August 17, 2009

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It’s hard to believe  that Wednesday will mark on month of life for Brooks!

Here are a few pics of the last week.










 Brooks quickly took to tummy time.  He loves to balance on his tummy with feet and head in the air.  The boppy pillow has also become a favored post-meal sitting spot.  The boppy pillow may be the most used piece of baby tech we have.  We use it when we hold him, Kelley uses it when she feeds, Brooks sits in it, and it has become my pillow of choice for naps. 



 Last week our friends Jerry and Carolyn Edwards were kind enough to let us have a picnic in their backyard by the lake.  Brooks greatly enjoyed it, as did Max and the parents.   














I worked from home about half the day today and took the rest of the day off to help Kelley out with a fussy Brooks as she was still running a fever and feeling bad.  She had pumped a couple times over the past few days and I got to feed Brooks for the first time.  It was very cool.  Brooks looked very confused as he looked up at me. 
















Tonight mom and Brooks were both pretty worn out as I blogged.  I couldn’t resist snapping these shots.  IMG_2197

 Absolutely beautiful.  The loves of my life.



3 Responses to “Week 4 in the Wonderful Life of Brooks”

  1. Christie Says:

    I love that you use the boppy pillow for naps too…I thought my husband was the only one who did that. LOL! I told him I was going to buy him one for Christmas because he uses it so much! Looking forward to seeing you in September!

  2. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    haha, glad to see I’m not the only one!

    Can’t wait to see you guys. Is Justin coming to or just you and Kirby?

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