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LoveStorey Creations August 22, 2009

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I’ve mentioned our great friends, Graham and Storey Cook, on the blog several times before.  For all of you parents who read this blog I wanted to show you what Storey made for Brooks’s nursery.















Storey paints these on canvas completely by hand and Kelley and I were just blown away with how cool this gift was for Brooks.  Every time we change him, which is quite often, he just stares at it.  Anyone who comes over to see the nursery goes on and on about it. 

She calls her paintings LoveStorey Creations.   Storey paints these canvas paintings as well as custom birthday banners and other things for quite a few people in Waco and Plano. 


As I said, I think they are pretty incredible and utterly unique and many of you parents and grandparents might be interested in visiting with Storey about creating a LoveStorey Creation for your child or grandchild.  Below are a few more examples.   You can also click on the hyperlinks above  or here for Graham and Storey’s Blog or here LoveStorey Creations shutterfly account to see more examples and information on contact info for Storey. 





















One Response to “LoveStorey Creations”

  1. Storey Says:

    Seriously, you guys are the greatest ever! Thank you so much for your advertisement 🙂

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