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Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious Weekend September 8, 2009

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 Kirby’s expression pretty much encapsulates our weekend.  It was one of the all time great weekends filled with football, family, friends, and quite a bit of “down” time. 






It began Friday when I (Matt) got to keep Brooks for over eight hours by myself!  We both survived although not without our adventures. Kelley had a Dr.’s appointment in Round Rock and got to do some shopping and have lunch with her mom while she was in the area.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with Brooks.  We went to the gym, went to Church, and I introduced him to the joy of spending a morning watching Sports Center.  He showed me the importance of Tummy time and that baby spit up actually breaks the sound barrier.  It is possible for it to hit your bare foot and splatter BEFORE you hear it come out of their mouth.


Friday was Marble Fall’s Homecoming.  Kelley kept Brooks and I took Logan as my homecoming date.  The game was cancelled due to lightning, but we replayed it Saturday (sans Logan) and I got to see much of it.  Go Stangs!



Saturday brought visitors from the North!  Kelley’s cousin Christie, her 4 month old son Kirby, Great-Aunt Nancy, Aunty Amy, and Sassy all came over for the day.  Kirby is a ridiculously cute kiddo with an intoxicating smile!  We got a great glimpse at what we are in for in a couple months. 

 Here are a couple great pics of the moms and their boys as well as the boys themselves.  We are looking forward to Christmas with them together!







Since the ladies were gathered at the house, I gained permission to go dove hunting with Chris Wilson and friends.  Chris has an amazing ranch outside of town and it was an ideal evening.   I got to listen to and follow the Baylor game on my phone, I got my limit dove hunting, AND Chris and friend bbq’d the dove along with ribs, shrimp, and other goodies.  It was a goooooooood night.


Oh, and did I mention, Baylor won! (they also received votes in each top 25 poll this week!  Can you say, “holy crap!”) 

 In honor of the vistory Kelley dressed him in his Baylor gear.  BU is 1-0 in Brooks’ life.  Let’s keep it up!


















Inexplicably, there is shockingly little BU apparel for babies.  My sister Mallory, in her quirky resourcefulness, got a friend of hers who works at Hole in the Roof Marketing in Waco to design this shirt and several like it for Brooks. They are awesome!  They have “Homeyer” on the back and are green and gold, and even have Brooks’ dads old football number on them.   They are right at the top of Brooks’ favorite gifts!


In the pic below, if he was upright, he would be in a pretty good linebacker stance…I’m just saying.







But even after all that sweet goodness, the weekend wasn’t over!



Garrett, Camille, and Caris called Saturday and were in Horseshoe Bay for the weekend with Camille’s family.  Garret and his fatherinlaw and brotherinlaw came to Fellowship on Sunday morning and we were able to get breakfast with them before they left Monday.  So far in Brooks’ short 6 1/2 weeks, he hasn’t reacted to people or babies too much.  But boy did HE EVER REACT TO CARIS!  Below I tried to capture his smile when he saw her.  He smiled at her sooo much while they were there.  Caris is right at 4 months old and one of the possibilities to win the Brooks lottery in about 20 years. 







 We think he officially has his first crush on this beautiful young lady.  He has never smiled so much at one time as he did when Caris was around.  It was great to watch.  It was Kelley’s first opportunity to meet Caris as well.  I had the privelege back in July. 












 Even here Brooks has the hint of a smile.  Too cute. 

Here are Garrett and I with our kiddos.  Garrett and I might the first or second weekend at Baylor our freshman year.  We each went to “Focus” conference that that BGCT hosts for college students.  We hung out there, roomed together, and have been great friends ever since.  Garrett finished Dental school a couple years ago and now is in the middle of an Oral surgery program in Houston.   He is just about the most overall talented individual I know.   I am ardently seeking practices for him to join in Marble Falls in a few years! 

















But the weekend STILL wasn’t over.  We left breakfast with the Blundell’s and headed to Round Rock to meet GJ and Bobby for lunch and shopping.  We didn’t take any pictures, but spent a nice few hours shopping at the Outlet Mall and eating at The Monument Cafe in Georgetown. 

It was a weekend of weekends.  We were a bit tired last night, but would do it all over again if we could!


4 Responses to “Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious Weekend”

  1. Christie Says:

    We had a lot of fun too! Looking forward to the next visit!

  2. Jeff Brown Says:

    This blog entry showed up in a Google alert for Baylor – I love that “baby bear” onesie! My wife and I both went to Baylor, and we call our two-month-old our “baby bear.” Is there any way people without friends at a printer can get a onesie like that? So great!

  3. furtherupfurtherin Says:

    Jeff, email me at matt.homeyer@yahoo.com and I will get you the info of the lady at Hole In the Roof who designed this for us. They do custom jobs like this very reasonably and are owned by Baylor grads.

  4. Camille Says:

    Love the re-cap of the ‘crush’, good rehearsal dinner material for sure! Thanks for sharing the pics with Caris. It was great to see you guys. Brooks is a cutie!

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