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Memory Lane September 10, 2009

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Among my random thoughts today you will find some pictures to take you down memory lane.  I was looking back at all of our pictures and it’s so crazy to see how much our little one has changed.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did!
It’s Raining!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s right, as I sit here writing this, I’m looking out my window watching rain fall from the sky and listening to the thunder rumbling!  It’s a beautiful thing that hasn’t been seen or heard around here for a long time.  AND, baby Brooks has been sleeping soundly for almost an hour now!  We’ve been working on our napping so this is
quite a success!                                        
Day 1- TINY!

Day 1- TINY!

It’s been a while since I’ve found the time to sit and write, leaving much of the blogging duties to Matt, but, this seemed like as good a time as ever.  Brooks and I have started to figure each other out and settle into a little rhythm here at home.  I’m slowly starting to be able to interpret some of his cries and he’s slowly starting to give me some new grunts and coos to try and express himself in new ways!  He even gave me some really good smiles this morning, something we’ve been waiting for and getting fleeting glimpses of here and there.  But this morning this little series of smiles was definitely meant for me and it was a beautiful thing!  We went and visited the daycare where he’ll be spending his time when I go back to work in a few weeks.  He handled it like a champ.  The other baby napped the whole time we were there, so he was happy to watch the big kids in their class and take in all the new surroundings.  Mommy feels a little better after having visited, but I’m sure will still have lots of tears the day I actually have to leave him there for a WHOLE day.  I’m so thankful that I get the opportunity to work part-time this year so I’ll still have a few days a week to spend at home.                                                                    

2 weeks-Skinny Legs!

2 weeks-Skinny Legs!

We’re starting to figure out how to maneuver around town…in my new ‘mom car’ as I like to call it.  No, it’s not a minivan…I hope to never eat these words, but I don’t plan on ever owning one of those!  We’ve been all over the big city of Marble Falls, you know, Wal-Mart, HEB, the gym.  We even went and visited a new tiny baby yesterday, Brooks’ new friend Deegan.  It’s the first time Brooks has met a younger friend.  It’s crazy how small Deegan seemed (he’s now 8lbs, 2oz and he wasn’t even due until September 16th!) and sad to realize how big Brooks has gotten already (though I am SO happy that he’s healthy and growing!)  Brooks’ most frequent outing spot has been to church.  The Dellinger girls have taken spectacular care of him in the nursery there. 

4 weeks-Sweet Baby

4 weeks-Sweet Baby

It’s been quite the seven weeks.  There are some days it seems we’ve got this new life all figured out and then in an instant our world seems to be turned upside down again!  I keep waiting for his instruction manual to arrive in the mail, but so far it seems to be lost out there somewhere.  I know it’s cliche, but it truly is hard to imagine life without Brooks.  He’s such a blessing and we’re constantly reminding ourselves to enjoy each moment because he’s growing SOOO fast!  We won’t go for his 2 month checkup for another few weeks, but I’m very eager to see how much he’s grown.  One of our church members suggested taking him to the meat market to weigh him…I’m not sure if he was serious or not, but I have refrained from doing this so far!

7 weeks-Chunky Monkey!

7 weeks-Chunky Monkey!


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