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Brooks Meets Kenedy, Kenedy Meets Brooks September 27, 2009

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 Sorry it has been so long since the last post.  It has been a busy week.  Last weekend we took our first overnight trip with Brooks.  We went to Kenedy (where I grew up) where my cousin Amy, Gina, and other assorted friends from FBC Kenedy threw Brooks a baby shower.  It was a wonderful weekend complete with shower, good dove hunting, and lots of quality time with the family.   Below are a couple pictures from the shower.  Amy knows (how she knows maybe another retrospective post) how much Kelleylikes cake, so they had all sorts of different cake at the shower.  Lots of the ladies I grew up around were there as well as several of my friends.  It was a great time. 















To the left are the Fudge’s, as well as Aunt Robbin and Expectant mother cousin Gina!  Above are the wonderful cakes!





















Here is Aunt Mal holding Brooks and one with sweet Maw-maw fawning over Brooks at the shower.


















Shower hostess and cousin Kayce Jo is hiding behind the balloons, while Brooks got to meet future Kenedy play pal Broden Fudge with mom Erin. 






















Above is a great picture.  Four generation of Homeyer men.  Very special.  We didn’t get many pictures of GJ, but here is one of her giving a visual tour of the backyard to Brooks!




















One recent development of the past couple weeks has been a sweet smile by Brooks that is motivated by joy and not simply gas!  GJ and Kelley coaxed a few good ones out of Mr. Brooks on Saturday morning. 


It was a great first trip to Kenedy for Brooks.


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