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Rockport October 27, 2009

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Weekend before last we spent the weekend with my parents in Rockport.  The Homeyer Clan has been going to Rockport since well before I was born.  Growing up my family, my grandparents (sometimes both sets), my Aunt Robbin and my cousins all would go to the Sandollar Motel for a few days and fish and swim and have a great time. 

Mom and Dad rented a Condo at Kontiki Condo’s, where the family has stayed the past few years and we jumped at the opportunity to join them and introduce Brooks to this time honored Homeyer tradition.  The cousins weren’t able to make it (thanks Gina!) and Mallory wasn’t either (thanks Jouleen!), but Maw-maw and Paw-paw were able to join us on Saturday for the day. 

Here are a few pictures and a video from the weekend. 



Dad and I attempted to fish…and I emphasize “attempted.”  Still, it was beautiful out on the bay Saturday morning and we had a good time.  
















We were so happy Maw-maw and Paw-paw could join us on Saturday.  Although we missed the rest of the family, it has been a long time since we got to spend a whole day with just them.  As soon as Maw-maw arrived she took Brooks and he promptly napped in her arms for almost 2 hours!  She must have arms of steel!

As you can tell from the above picture on the right, Brooks was the centerpiece of the weekend’s entertainment!  Surprise, surprise!
















Brooks was in a particularly smiley mood throughout the weekend.  It made the weekend that much more fun.  He seemed to like his first experience of sand between his toes…although admittedly, his range of reactions is rather narrow.














Here we are relaxing on the patio.  I love getting the 4 generation pictures whenever we can.  Very special. 

It was a great weekend away relaxing on the coast and spending time with mom and dad.  Here’s a video captured on the patio.  Take special note all the way until the end and you will catch my dad enacting his famous “cast net dance”

It is a hoot!


Talkative Brooks October 26, 2009

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Brooks is becoming more and more talkative recently.  We are becoming increasingly certain that he has inherited the Homeyer loud voice.  Whether in the nursery or at daycare he seems to easily outcry and out squeel other babies. 

Here’s a good video of Brooks expressing himself during tummy time.  Enjoy!


It’s been a while… October 21, 2009

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So it has been a good while since our last post!  Lots has been happening.  Brooks went for his 2 month check up a few weeks ago and got a great report.  He weighed 13 lbs 12 oz and was 22 5/8 inches long.  That put him in the 90 percentile for his weight and 50 percentile for his height.  He is a growing boy! 

Last week I had to take him back to the doctor for an eye infection and in one week he gained 9 oz and was 14 lbs 5 oz. 




big boy











It seems like every few days brings something new with Brooks.  A new little sound, better head control, more responsive smiles, and continually trying to roll over.

Now that he is a bit older we are really enjoying getting to take him out, show him off, and begin exposing him to new experiences.  One of my favorite parts of my week has become taking him to church with me before Sunday school and holding Brooks while I greet everyone as they arrive at Fellowship on Sunday mornings.

Not only does this score me MAJOR points, it really is a lot of fun to start forming his relationships with those that will be his family of faith. 

This past weekend we went to Rockport with my parents, but that is fodder for another post.  The weekend before last we ventured to Krause Springs, one of our favorite spots in the area, with Kelley’s parents and her sister Amy. 

We were about 2 months too late in the year to properly enjoy Krause Springs, but it was a lot of fun seeing the beautiful springs and pool and cooking some hotdogs.  Below are some pictures of the outing 





























Brooks goes to school October 4, 2009

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We have entered a new phase of life now as my maternity leave officially came to an end last week.  It was a wonderful time spent at home with Brooks, but we must learn to function as I go back to work part-time for Marble Falls ISD.  About two weeks before I was to return to work I got a call from the First Baptist Church Christian School letting me know that they had an opening in their infant room.  I was so excited!  We got on the waiting list there soon after we found out I was pregnant, but they told us they probably wouldn’t have a spot until Brooks turned two…so we made other arrangements.  I felt okay about what we had worked out, but was not super excited about it.  So, I feel that it was definitely an answer to prayer that a spot opened up for him at First Baptist when it did.

Brooks' first day of school!

Brooks' first day of school!

I will only be working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, but I took Brooks for the morning on Monday so I could get my initial tears over with before I actually had to function at work.  It was pretty hard to leave him, but I knew it was only until lunchtime.  I kept myself busy by giving my house a good cleaning for the first time since Brooks arrived(It’s already pretty dirty again 😦  )  About 11:45 Matt and I went to pick Brooks up together.  He, of course, had had a great time and done really well.  He has two teachers in his class, Ms. Lajuana and Ms. Elizabeth.  They are both wonderful and have worked in the baby room for a LONG time so they will definitely have a thing or two to teach Matt and me about baby care! 

The rest of the week was not too bad.  In some ways it was nice to be back at work, but I did miss my little man terribly.  I kept this picture as my screen saver and visited it frequently.  IMG_2392

One of the hardest moments of the week was when I was unpacking and organizing my desk.  I found a ruler that I had kept out on my desk last year while I was pregnant so that each week I could see and show my students how big Brooks was.  When we first learned of his presence he was only 1.7 centimeters!  It was crazy to think how far we’ve come since that first week of December when we first heard his little heart beating. 

I think that Brooks will really enjoy his class.  There are a total of 9 babies and most of them are a lot older and much more mobile than him.  Four will actually be moving up to the next class in the next month, so he’ll get to make even more new friends when those spots are filled with new babies.  But for now these babies think that Brooks is a new form of entertainment.  They love to walk/crawl over to him and check him out.   He loves to watch them play and smile back at them. 

I had been having trouble getting Brooks to nap in his crib.  He seemed to prefer his bouncer or something more upright than the bed.  It didn’t take Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Lajuana long to figure out the secret to crib sleeping.  The third day when I picked him up, they had him swaddled up so snuggly and had put a little vibrator machine in the crib and he had gone to sleep instantly.  They have since used this as their nap tactic for Brooks when he’s not in a swing.  Anyway, that night I tried swaddling him when he went to bed.  He had been sleeping pretty well in the crib at night but still woke up every few hours.  BUT, the next two nights he slept for six and five hours in a row!  Last night he slept from 12 until 6 (with only one pacifier intervention around 3).  This is progress for us!  I told you they would teach us a thing or two about babies! 

I am so greatful that I get to work part-time this year, and after knowing what it’s like to be away from Brooks, I have not slighted him on the number of hugs and kisses I’ve given him the past few days.  IMG_2401When I picked him up on Thursday afternoon, there was a sign on the door informing me that there had been a confirmed case of swine flu in his class.  Since Friday afternoon he has had a very runny nose with lots of sneezes and coughs.  So, this paranoid mom is keeping him quarantined for a while to make sure it doesn’t turn into anything more serious.  Hopefully he’ll be doing better when he has to go back on Tuesday.  In the meantime, Matt and I are spending lots of quality time with our little man.  IMG_2413