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It’s been a while… October 21, 2009

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So it has been a good while since our last post!  Lots has been happening.  Brooks went for his 2 month check up a few weeks ago and got a great report.  He weighed 13 lbs 12 oz and was 22 5/8 inches long.  That put him in the 90 percentile for his weight and 50 percentile for his height.  He is a growing boy! 

Last week I had to take him back to the doctor for an eye infection and in one week he gained 9 oz and was 14 lbs 5 oz. 




big boy











It seems like every few days brings something new with Brooks.  A new little sound, better head control, more responsive smiles, and continually trying to roll over.

Now that he is a bit older we are really enjoying getting to take him out, show him off, and begin exposing him to new experiences.  One of my favorite parts of my week has become taking him to church with me before Sunday school and holding Brooks while I greet everyone as they arrive at Fellowship on Sunday mornings.

Not only does this score me MAJOR points, it really is a lot of fun to start forming his relationships with those that will be his family of faith. 

This past weekend we went to Rockport with my parents, but that is fodder for another post.  The weekend before last we ventured to Krause Springs, one of our favorite spots in the area, with Kelley’s parents and her sister Amy. 

We were about 2 months too late in the year to properly enjoy Krause Springs, but it was a lot of fun seeing the beautiful springs and pool and cooking some hotdogs.  Below are some pictures of the outing 





























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