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Giggling Rollover November 12, 2009

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WARNING!!!  Only watch these videos if you find babies incredibly cute. 

Here are a couple videos we’ve captured over the past week or so.

One thing Brooks consistently loves is bathtime each night.  When you start peeling off his clothes he begins to coo and giggle and smile.  It has become one of our favorite times of the day as a family.  Perhaps our bathtime ritual is fodder for another post! 

In the meantime, enjoy this video of Kelley making Brooks laugh before bathtime. 

Brooks is almost rolling over!  He rolls onto his side constantly but just can’t figure out what to do with his bottom arm.  Here is a video of him really trying to roll over and me encouraging him in an inexplicably, consistently high voice. 


One Response to “Giggling Rollover”

  1. Leah Says:

    I was warned and his cuteness was too much.

    Matt, we all have a higher voice when talking to super-cute babes. Kelley did too in the first video if that makes you feel better?

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