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Thanksgiving January 2, 2010

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It’s hard to even know where to begin after not posting for so long!  Going all the way back to Thanksgiving, we had a wonderful time with my mom’s side of the family at Camp Buckner, between Burnet and Kingsland.  This was wonderful for us since we both didn’t have to drive far AND didn’t anyone staying with us!  Ha. 

Inexplicably, we didn’t take our camera and captured zero pictures.  Thanks to cousin Kevin for sending a few pictures of all the kids together. 

Here are Brooks’s second (or is it 3rd?) cousins.  Cooper, Connor, Elliott, and Alli Grace. 

The weather was perfect for the weekend and I really can’t imagine how Thanksgiving could have been any better.  We ate way to much, visited a lot, played a family kickball game, and got to hike and explore the beautiful hill country. 

A small stream runs right behind the cafeteria at Camp Buckner.  It provided great fun for all! 

It was the first time for my cousin Kayce, Kevin, and their families to meet Brooks, which was awesome.  Kayce’s daughter, Elliott, is 3 and is unbelievably cute and was quite enamored with Brooks.  On the first night she kept staring at him while he slept in his car seat, and after a while asked her mom, “Can I pet him?”  IT was hilarious.

The next day she strode over to Kelley and confidently asserted, “I think Brooks loves me.” 


Here are Tessa and I playing with Brooks while everyone plays outside. 

And here the whole gang is gathered for lunch on Thanksgiving Day!  It was quite a spread!

It was a great Thanksgiving and the first time the whole Hall side of the family has been together in a couple of years!


One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Joyce Homeyer Says:

    We have a great family. I just wish we could spend more time together.

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