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An Eventful Christmas! January 11, 2010

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Brooks’s first Christmas turned out to be a very extended celebration.  It began on the weekend before Christmas with  a trip to Kenedy to celebrate Christmas with the Homeyer clan.  Unfortunately, Maw-maw (my grandmother) fell and broke her hip earlier in the week and was in a rehab facility the entire time.  Brooks and I were able to visit her and we still were able to have a great time with the family.

Brooks got to meet his little cousin, Samantha, as did Kelley and I.  We were able to see the whole family, I got to hunt and play a little bit at the ranch, and Kelley, my mom, Mallory, Amy, and Kayce got to go see The Lion King at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio. 

It was a great beginning to a memorable Christmas. 

Below is my mom with Brooks as we opened presents and one with Brooks with Aunt Mallory all tuckered out after opening presents.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

As you can see Brooks is surrounded by loot, and this was the first of several celebrations!

On the Sunday before Christmas we headed to Georgetown to see Terry sing in their church’s Christmas Cantata.  Their church just built a new sanctuary and both the building and the music were beautiful. 

That night we had Christmas with Kelley’s parents and siblings.  Brooks, again, made out like a bandit.  He got his first football, his first laptop, and a reindeer that he loved!

Aunt Amy got him some very creative books we are excited about as well!

On Christmas Eve we packed up the car with the mancub and all his assorted gear, the pup, lots of presents, and ourselves and headed to Vernon to spend Christmas with the Grafs and Hardcastles.  We left knowing full well that it was snowing in Vernon.  It started snowing as we bought kolaches at the Czech Stop in West, TX.  The snow continued as we drove north towards Ft. Worth.  Just as we were getting into Ft. Worth, Kelley’s parents (who were about 100 miles ahead of us) called to say that the snow and ice were getting so bad they were turning around and that we should get a hotel room in Ft. Worth. 

So, a bit disappointed, we stopped at the Hilton Garden Inn in north Ft. Worth. 

As Kelley’s parents were trying to turn around, a mile or so ahead of them two big rigs jack-knifed and shut down HWY 287.  They ended up sitting in their car waiting for the wreck to be cleared for 7 hours!  It got down to 8 degrees and they ended up spending the night in a shelter in Bellevue, TX. 

As disappointed as we were about not being in Vernon, we were very thankful to be in a hotel room with the little one and not with Terry and Melinda!

We woke up Christmas morning and had Christmas in the hotel room and got Brooks out in the snow for the first time. 

We still had hope for making it to Vernon on Christmas morning, but no wreckers and no snow plows were going to be running along most of the road we had to take to get there, so we, along with Terry and Melinda, were forced to head south back to Georgetown and Marble Falls. 

It was very disappointing, but we ended up having a nice time spending Christmas with Terry and Melinda in Georgetown. 

Unfortunately, we forgot our camera and didn’t get any pictures of the snow or of Brooks in his insulated coveralls in the snow.  The highlight of the trip, for me, was waking up in the middle of the night in the hotel room and seeing that Max, whom we had snuck into the hotel room, had commandeered half of Brooks’s pallet and was snuggled up back-to-back with Brooks.  It was adorable…and we had no camera. 




After Church on the Sunday after Christmas, we decided to make  a second attempt at Vernon!  This time we made it and had a great time celebrating with everyone up north.  Amy and Aaron decided to stay since we were going to be coming.  We made it to Vernon just in time for Brooks to watch the Cowboys with Ma Genie. 

It was a fast and furious trip, but we got to visit with everyone while we were there.  Brooks got to see his cousin Kirby again.  They had a little face-off, but I don’t think Brooks is quite ready for Kirby’s enthusiasm!


We got to see Donna and Randal and Brooks got to meet his cousin Chase for the first time.  When we packed up the car to head back home, we had to rearrange to make room for even more presents for Brooks.  He made out really well on his first Christmas.  We left Vernon at 10 and it was already snowing there by 12 and snowed all day so we made it out just in time!  It was a crazy week and not quite how we had envisioned Brooks’ first Christmas, but it was memorable!    


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